5 Advantages of Utilizing a Cloud-based VoIP for Small & Mid-sized Businesses

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a cloud-based communication solution that gives small businesses numerous advantages. VoIP is cost-effective and flexible, making on-site telephony infrastructure an unnecessary investment. A reliable channel of communication is essential to interact with customers, prospects, partners, and vendors. The following are five advantages of utilizing a cloud-based VoIP for small businesses.

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Top 5 Benefits of Utilizing a Cloud-Based VoIP for Small Businesses


1) No IT Team Needed

With on-site infrastructure, an IT team is required to maintain the phones. Not so with VoIP. The provider of the cloud-based phone system handles everything, including upgrades and maintenance.

2) More Affordability

It’s always important for smaller businesses to trim operational expenses as much as possible. An upfront investment plus maintenance costs in a traditional telephone system usually also includes a contract with a time commitment. You can pay as you go, however, if you take advantage of hosted VoIP solutions.

3) Portable Functionality

When you utilize a VoIP phone system, you can enjoy complete functionality no matter where you are. This is helpful when remote team members need to collaborate and when you have a small or medium business with teams in various locations.

4) Scalability is Simple

As your company grows, scaling up your VoIP is easy. With merely a few clicks, extensions and direct numbers can be added. You’re able to operate within one uncomplicated communication system that’s configurable from a mobile device or computer.

5) Increases Employee Productivity

Instead of having to assign personnel to phone-related duties, your employees can focus on value-added enterprises, such as increasing sales and providing excellent customer service.

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