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Know about Statement of Work (SOW)

It does not matter what industry one is in; a constant factor in all project-related companies is paperwork.
However, the most important document of them all is the Statement of Work, aka the SOW.
A well-written SOW will set the direction in which your project will go, and have a massive impact on the final result.

With that said, let us first understand what is SOW.

It is the document explaining all the details of the project, including the activities, deliverables, and timetable. The Statement of Work is the first document you create before the planning and execution of the project.
It is a highly detailed document for laying down the groundwork of the project.
But, there are many elements to writing an exceptional SOW.
Come! It is time we understand what all included in a great SOW.

The 14 Secrets to Writing the Best SOW in Project Management

A professional Statement of Work has many secrets, which make it up. To know more about what all these secrets are, read the information mentioned below.
The Introduction

What is SOW? (Statement of Work)

Start the SOW explaining what the project is about. You need to include details as the personnel involved in the project, the prices for the equipment purchased individually for the project.
Remember, it is a crucial phase for those who want to know what is SOW and how to write one.
State the reason behind the project. Create a purpose statement to start the section and provide an explanation for the same. Some of the questions you need to address during this phase include answers about the objectives, deliverables, and ROI.
The Scope of Work
The SOW should contain the work required for the project. For example, in a technical project, mention the hardware and software requirements. You need to include the process needed for completing the project.
It can include the final result, the time requirements, and the procedure for achieving the result. It is an essential step for those looking to understand what is SOW and what it contains.
The Location of the Project
The employees hired to complete the project need a place to work. In certain situations, you might have a location-based project. You need to mention the details about the location for the delivery of work-related equipment.
The Tasks
Do not leave out any step, including the details on the deliverables in the project. Break down the tasks into small milestones and multiple phases. You need to consider the jobs under a project to comprehend what is SOW entirely.
The Milestones
Do consider the milestones of the project. You need to clearly define the amount of time allotted to complete the project, including the starting and finish date.
Moreover, share the hours per week or month, and other details regarding the scheduling of the project.
Mention the project deliverables by listing which ones are pending, and when the delivery is. Describe the deliverables in detail, including the size, color, quantity, and other information. You can learn more by searching online for what is SOW and the various elements that make it.
Make sure to include a list of when the deliverables should be complete. Include the vendor selected for the specific goal, along with their performance. You can also add the review stage, execution, testing, development, and closing of the project.
Standard and Testing
Mention any IT industry standards, which the project should fulfill. If you are testing the project, then list all the personnel involved in the testing phase. It should also include the equipment required during this phase.
We recommend you understand what is SOW. It will also help you understand the elements, which are a part of writing a great SOW.
Make sure to share information on what the project sponsor or risk holder expects from the completion of the project.
The Requirements
List down all the extra equipment required for the completion of the project, or if any team member requires special skills to handle the project-related material. Do not forget to mention if there is any travel involved in the project. We recommend you browse online to find out what is SOW and how to write one.
Once done preparing the budget for the project, it is time to mention the fees related to the same. Mention the payments made.
Here you will mention items, which are not a part of the project. These can include security issues, and limitations surrounding the equipment, travel payments, and post-project support. You would need to gather some information on what is SOW and its different elements to write the best one.
The closure part of the SOW will involve details on how the project deliverables are accepted, who will deliver, review and sign them off. Moreover, you also need to mention the admin duties.

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How to Write the Best SOW Copy – Know Here

Owing to the vast amount of information, which you need to mention in the SOW, it is only beneficial to use a template for it. The majority of templates include a glossary of different terms that you use in the Statement of Work. You will also need to mention the SoP (Statement of Purpose) and the administration information.
There is much information to mention in the SoW, so you need to include every tiny detail about the project. Be a bit specific, and ensure the terms utilized in writing this are understood easily. Make sure to mention how much time it will take to complete the project.
Another thing to include in the SoW is visuals, which will make it easier for the service provider to understand what is SOW and the different stages of the project. The visuals should include charts, graphs, and illustrations to make the SoW interesting for the reader.
Lastly, make sure to get the Statement of Work signed off by those in authority to avoid any hassles.
With that said, let us now understand as to what role does a Managed Service Provider, aka MSP play in SoW.

MSP and the SoW

Managed Service Providers help your business focus on the task of making a profit by streamlining the IT processes inside the company.
When it comes to handling a Statement of Work, the MSP makes sure the contracts made following the SOW. In short, they ensure all vendors receive clear instructions on how the project will move ahead and work divided equally.

However, the team at SalientIT does a lot more than just looking into the SoW. Let us find out more.

Efficient and Cost-Effective
Our team of IT experts designs the best plan, which will provide complete visibility to your SoW agreements.
SoW Management Services
SalientIT develops the best process to ensure all SoW engagements are cost-effective and efficient within your organization. We make sure you have the right workers and information to keep the project going.
Integrated Workforce Solutions
We are here to cover for any independent contractors, SoW engagements, and payroll workers in the duration of your project.
Without a doubt, knowing what is SOW will make all the difference in hiring not only the right equipment and personnel for a project, but also complete it on time. Hence, finding the right Managed Service Provider is essential to having the best SOW services at your disposal.

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