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What is Managed IT Service

A managed service is the IT service delivered by third-party vendors to the customers who pays a monthly subscription fee for a receipt of the service provided. There are a range of managed IT services, however, the goal of managed services is to shoulder down the burden of IT services from the organization to a third-party service provider.
Managed service providers take over the crucial IT responsibilities as services to offer the organizations to enhance operations at lower and affordable costs.
Managed Service Provider or an MSP as it is commonly called is an Information Technology (IT) service provider. MSP is an organization that provides remote IT support with a definite set of services to its customer organization’s IT infrastructure. The MSPs offer services using a pay-as-you-go pricing model through which services are provided for what you have chosen to pay for.

Pricing model for Managed IT Service providers

Managed IT Service

MSPs offer different services with different types of pricing model. They offer per-device pricing, per-user pricing and all-inclusive pricing.

Per-device pricing – This type of MSP offers services to the customers with a flat-fee rate for each device connected to the enterprise network.

Per-user pricing – In this type of pricing model, the MSP offers services to customers with a flat fee for each user who can access multiple devices.

All-inclusive pricing – In this type of pricing model, MSP charges the customer with a flat fee for the overall IT infrastructure support and the services it provides to the customer organization.

Customers can pay the fees monthly. The pricing methods let MSPs offer support and services under a subscription model.

Types of Managed IT Service Providers

Considering with the various factors that helps to generate an efficient IT management, companies should know the different types of MSPs and choose the right one as per their needs.

There are 3 prime types of MSPs, each offering a different type of IT services to address different types of customer requirements:
Lower-level or Pure-Play MSPs
This type of MSPs offer IT services to monitor, notify and ensure to check if all the technology is functioning well. It also assists the enterprises by being accountable to business needs and the required IT planning.

Mid-level or Value-Added MSPs
MSPs who fall under this type offer a wide range of services like software maintenance, disaster recovery, planning business scalability and more.

High-level or Outsourced MSPs
MSPs that fall under this type offers complete services by hosting all the required software and tools to support companies with overall IT assistance and support.

The Advantages of choosing Managed Service Providers

MSPs offer a lot of benefits to businesses

Reduced IT Costs

Businesses that outsource their IT responsibilities to MSPs can benefit a lot of cost savings. As organization do not require any heavy investments to deploy any expensive in-house equipment or software/tools, while the MSPs are all equipped to take control of the IT support and services.

Reduce Labour CostsOutsourcing IT support and services for your business to an MSP helps you to cut costs in hiring and training IT staff which can be very expensive, and temporary.

Stay Focused on Your Core Business – Outsourcing IT service to take over the IT network would help businesses to concentrate more on the core business activities.

Increase Efficiency – Businesses that are equipped with inhouse technology to perform all the IT services require heavy investment on research, development and the required time to implement the technology. This further increases the cost of the product and therefore customers are bound to pay a heavy price to get them.

Faster and Improved services – By outsourcing the IT servicing to a dedicated IT MSP, the results are delivered with high quality and therefore the lead time for the product to reach the marketplace is at a faster pace

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