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What Is IT Support?

IT support is often referred to simply as technical support, as information technology usually relates to everything relating to computer-based information technology. IT support is a service that is offered to businesses to help manage and optimize technology systems.
There are different ways in which businesses can utilize their IT needs, and there also different types of support available. This will largely depend on your unique business needs as well as your available budget, but it’s a highly affordable alternative to managing your systems on your own.
Managed IT services is very important for businesses to ensure that their systems will always continue to work effectively and without any issues. Companies that rely heavily on technology will usually have a dedicated IT Technical support team that works continuously to keep their systems running, with effective backup plans in place to handle any specific incidents that may occur.

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IT Support Levels and Types

Outsourced Technical support is usually divided into different tiers, usually from Tier 1 to Tier 4, although this can be modified by each company according to their workflows. Structuring your IT support can be useful, as it strategically addresses customers’ needs, creates a positive customer experience, increases employee satisfaction, quickly resolves less serious issues, and establishes a timeline for complex IT problems. Generally Managed IT services will be structured like this:

• Tier 1: Basic help desk services, supporting basic customer issues at a lower-level technical requirement.

• Tier 2: In-depth technical support by experienced IT support technicians with deep knowledge of the specific product or service.

• Tier 3: Expert service support that requires access to the highest technical resources and product specialists.

• Tier 4: Outside support required, for example printer or vendor software support.

Tiered IT support has proven to be a great way to handle different support requests, especially at varying levels. This helps organize different requests and also assigns technical problems to specific IT support technicians that can provide the right level of support to fix an issue as soon as possible.

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Benefits of Outsourced IT Support

Businesses will often sign a contract with third-party IT support company will always be available to handle their technologies and manage systems remotely, or on-site. This will usually be done at predetermined monthly rates, and the terms will be set out in a Service Level Agreement.
With managed IT support services for your business, you can also have access to an IT support technician that can be sent out to your premises, in the event that a problem cannot be resolved remotely. This gives business owners peace of mind, knowing that support will always be available.
With cybercrime constantly advancing, outsourcing your IT requirements to a reliable and highly experienced team of IT support technicians is a great benefit to have. They can help to effectively secure your network and your systems, protecting your valuable company information and reducing the possibility of any downtime. Larger organizations can especially not afford to have a security breach or downtime, which is why security threats always need to be guarded against.

Why Choose Salient IT Support?

At Salient IT you’ll get the reliable computer support you need from a team that understands how important it is to offer customized IT solutions. Our IT support services include cloud support, VoIP services, SPAM protection, and a friendly, highly efficient help desk.
Our friendly IT help desk will assist you with just about anything related to your computers, systems or network. Our IT helpdesk provides you with:
A comprehensive knowledge base:

We can assist you with a very wide range of IT related problems or find a qualified IT support technician who can.

Increased productivity:

Our services can help to significantly reduce downtime, ensuring that more work gets done by your employees.

 Reduced expenses:

With reduced IT costs for your company, you’ll have more available capital for other areas of your business.
With us you’ll be able to use your time to manage and grow your business, while saving capital for other projects. We offer custom computer support services and monthly IT management, based on your unique needs. From data backup to cloud services we provide the IT support your company needs.

To find out more about affordable support services in Sacramento, contact Salient IT today at (916) 432-2074 for an obligation-free consultation.

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