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How does network security work?

Every business faces daily threats to their IT infrastructure. Between cybercrime, disgruntled current and past employees, and careless end users, network security basics is imperative. To ensure that common threats can’t sneak past defenses and harm your computer networks, multiple layers of software and hardware plus other strategies are utilized by managed network service providers.

Network Security Basics to keep away online vulnerabilities

A computer system is vulnerable to exploitation that comes through the following gateways, to name a few:
• Weak passwords
• Unsecured wireless networks
• Unpatched hardware and software
• Lost devices
• Unsecured websites
• Users that fail to adhere to best practices for network security

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Top 5 fundamentals of network security

1) Current Updates and Patches
Network security that succeeds in protecting a computer system and its data ensures that patches and updates are always current. Operating systems become vulnerable to cybercriminals if there is a lax approach to applying updates and patches.

Network Security


2) Safeguard your VPN
Virtual private networks (VPNs) must be protected through data encryption and multi-factor authentication. Using a firewall to keep a VPN network separated from the rest of the network is a good practice, as well. Also, check mobile devices for current spam filters, firewalls, and anti-virus software before granting them full access to the VPN.

3) Require Strong Passwords
Provide mandatory guidelines for strong passwords and make sure employees know that passwords should never be kept in plain sight.

4) Delete Inactive Accounts
Clean up your computer system to remove inactive accounts, such as the access granted to former employees.

5) Carefully Manage Privileges of User Access
Because user-access privileges create significant vulnerabilities in network security, managed network providers work with companies to ensure that access privileges are actively managed.

Salient IT has a reliable team of experts and has become one of the most trusted managed service providers in the Sacramento area. Network security basics includes all of the above plus malware risk assessment, a disaster recovery plan, and data loss prevention.

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