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The Best VoIP Service in Sacramento

There’s a misconception that only big enterprises can benefit from using Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP. Obviously, this statement couldn’t get any more wrong. VoIP can still be beneficial to small startups that are looking to create an established phone access system. Since we now live in an era where almost everything is internet-driven, investing in tools that can function using the help of the internet can become a great competitive edge against big competitors and counterparts.

But before we dive into the benefits of VoIP, let’s discuss first what this technology is about.

What Is VoIP?

The term VoIP means Voice over Internet Protocol. This term is also known as Internet Telephony, IP Telephony, and Internet Calling. Basically, VoIP is a technology that transmits voice data using an Internet Protocol network. This allows users to make phone calls using the internet and eliminates the need for an actual telephone set. According to Lifewire, VoIP has been hailed as “the most successful technology of the last decade.” This technology has definitely changed the way businesses operate these days.

Many businesses are now starting to use VoIP. An article released by Forbes revealed that in 2012, almost 30 million Americans have started to make phone calls using internet services. You can only imagine how many users and organizations will jump on board and start using this technology as the years progress. Aside from it increases one’s mobility, VoIP also helps companies reduce costs and expenses. This technology has definitely revolutionized modern industries and businesses.

Why VoIP Is Best for Business Processes?

VoIP allows businesses to make important business calls using a broadband internet connection. With this, they can eliminate the need for a traditional analog phone line. The great thing about VoIP is that it allows users and employees to have access to their phone numbers from anywhere. Since it is internet-enabled, they can still communicate with important business people even if there is no actual phone near them. Also, investing in VoIP does not require any physical hardware.

 Advantages of VoIP

VoIP can provide your business with a number of benefits and advantages. If you’re still skeptical to add this technology to your arsenal, then you’re missing out a lot. Here are some of the top benefits of VoIP:


VoIP Service Sacramento

Multiple Functions
The good thing about VoIP is that it offers you more than just s quality calling service. This technology can also provide you with teleconferencing, instant messaging, voicemail, faxes, video conferencing, and many more. These functions can help you communicate more with colleagues and business partners regardless of where they are in the world. This also increases mobility and productivity as you don’t need to be in a central work location in order to communicate well with important business people.

Lower Costs
Installing phone lines is quite expensive, especially if your business makes long-distance calls. However, investing in VoIP can help you reduce the costs of establishing a stable and reliable phone access system in your company. Since it transmits voice data into packets and sends it over an IP network, you can already eliminate the need for the traditional phone line system. This is because VoIP allows you to make calls using an internet connection. Not only does it help with mobility and accessibility, but it also allows businesses to reduce costs and save more money.

Here are some of the few instances where VoIP can save you more money:

● Helps eliminate the need for separate network maintenance of data and phones.
● Helps eliminate the costs for domestic and international costs.
● Allows you to transfer your office extension from anywhere, allowing you to cut mobile phone costs.
● Cuts travel costs through teleconferencing and video conferencing.
● More affordable compared to traditional telephones.

Since VoIP allows its users to have access to their phone numbers from anywhere, this can also help you increase your business mobility and accessibility. With this, all your staff and employees can telecommute from anywhere around the globe. More employees can also complete their daily work routines from anywhere outside of the office in exchange for reduced maintenance costs and expenses. Moreover, VoIP allows you to reach out to important business people even if you don’t have direct access to your phone number.


Installing IP phones is incredibly easy to achieve. Even the non-tech savvy ones can accomplish this task without exerting too much time and effort. The great thing about VoIP is that you don’t need to hire experts in order to install phone lines throughout your office. This helps your business eliminate the need to install, configure, and maintain traditional phone wirings. In the end, it allows for a more straightforward maintenance system where professional support is rarely a requirement.

Why Salient IT’s VoIP Service Is the Best?

If you’re looking for the best VoIP service in Sacramento, then Salient IT is the one for you. With our VoIP service, you can be sure to maximize your business productivity and efficiency. We can also help you build a strong reliable phone system where your employees can reach out to important business people with little to no inconvenience at all. Our service is also quite affordable as we don’t charge extra fees on top of your service installation expenses. Talk to us now at 916-800-2748 and get the best VoIP service in Sacramento.

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