What is Virtual Server?

Salient IT Support › Virtual Server How Is A Virtual Server Advantageous Over Physical Server? The virtual server runs on a physical server by using virtualization software. Cloud services providers provide this server, so multiple individuals can access the same server from different locations. Even [...]

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What is SOW?

Salient IT Support › What is SOW What is SOW? Here’s What you should Know About it It does not matter what industry one is in; a constant factor in all project-related companies is paperwork. However, the most important document of them all is the [...]

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Salient IT Support › Wi-Fi 6 What does Wi-Fi6 really bring? The old ways of communication have changed. The same goes for communication channels. It went from letters, telegrams, emails, telephones and now to the internet and Wi-Fi. But it doesn't stop there. Like everything [...]

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VOIP service providers

Salient IT Support › VoIP Service Providers What is the role of VOIP service providers? VOIP is the abbreviation for voice over internet protocol. VOIP services help us to contact a person at very minimal charges. VOIP services take our analog messages and change them [...]

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VoIP Phone

Salient IT Support › VoIP Phone Salient IT is a one-stop destination for all your IT customized and tailor-made requirements for your company. We specialize in a broad category of IT services required for the smooth running and handling of a company, including VoIP services. [...]

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Salient IT Support › VoIP What is VOIP VOIP is voice over internet protocol. VOIP phones convert our analog messages into digital signals that are transmitted to other phones through the internet. Many businessmen and corporate companies have transferred from using a traditional phone to [...]

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Cloud Security

Salient IT Technical Support › Cloud Security Why Cloud Security Migration of data, applications, and servers to the cloud is happening at a rapid pace among organizations of every size and yet cloud security continues to be the chief and growing concern. Results of a [...]

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IT Support Near Me

Salient IT Technical Support › IT Support Near Me Complete IT Support Near Me for SMBs When it comes to managing a growing business, you need a team that offers a range of affordable tech support services to small businesses. Whether it’s setting up new [...]

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5 Advantages of Utilizing a Cloud-based VoIP for Small & Mid-sized Businesses

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a cloud-based communication solution that gives small businesses numerous advantages. VoIP is cost-effective and flexible, making on-site telephony infrastructure an unnecessary investment. A reliable channel of communication is essential to interact with customers, prospects, partners, and vendors. The following [...]

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Benefits of IT Support Services

IT Support Service › Benefits of IT Support Services IT infrastructure for many small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) is handled by an in-house IT Manager and usually supported with multiple IT staff members and vendors. This method made a lot more sense before virtualization became [...]

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