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Hackers perform mass mailing to bombard target users with thousands of spam mail. Most spam is sent from infected systems forming a zombie network. IT security offers a range of anti-spam solutions to ensure your protection. Anti-spam solutions will not protect you from all security threats, it is crucial to also incorporate other technologies like antivirus and firewall to ensure the most effective virus prevention solution.

How does a Spam Filter work?

An anti spam or spam filter function identifies and denies suspicious and unsolicited emails. Some will check for specific word patterns, frequency and subject lines, and automatically filtering suspicious emails to the spam folder – however, experts find this method is not always considered very effective. The new and better version of spam filters use blacklists with updated malware, combining sophisticated security technologies to rule out the opportunistic spam and other malware infections from entering your inbox.

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How to Stop Spam Emails?

Spam filtering techniques follow a set of protocols to examine if emails entering your inbox is spam or not. There are different types of spam filters available, each one with unique characteristics:

  • Header filters – validates the email header to check for false information
  • Content filters – checks for word patterns in the body and subject line to identify if its spam or not.
  • Rules-based filters – this type of spam filter works based on a specific set of rules defined by the user.
  • Challenge-response filters – The sender enters a code before they can send an email to the recipient.
  • Permission filters – This filter allows emails into the inbox only after they are approved by the recipient

Spam filtering solutions are implemented in 3 ways – cloud, on-premise or software installed on a PC that is incorporated with an email client. Spam filtering is crucial for any business email system to prevent spam from entering your inbox, and protecting sensitive business and confidential customer data.

Protect Business from Dangerous Spam Email

Spam Filter
  • Avoid sharing financial and personal information through emails – You might unintentionally share confidential information with a hacker.
  • Never respond to suspicious emails that request your sensitive information.
  • Check the website before sharing any personal or sensitive information
  • Check the website URL for spelling errors. Most malware-infected websites look identical to genuine websites, except for the spelling errors that usually go unnoticed.
  • If you are not sure if the email is genuine or malicious, contact the company to check if it is legitimate or not.
  • Install an effective anti-phishing software or the most up-to-date spam filter to ensure protection from the latest security risks.
  • Avoid logging in to your bank account or any other shopping website by clicking on a link sent by email.
  • Always practice healthy cyber hygiene equipped with the latest security solutions.

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