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What is help desk IT Service?

An IT help desk in an organization refers to the department which is responsible for providing correct answers to technical queries raised by customers or employees. Today, organizations of all size have their help desk set up to respond to technical questions. Two types of help desk serve external, and internal use, more prominent organizations set up internal help desk services to offer help for its employees. The communication between the customer/employee and help desk occurs through email, telephone, online chat, or website.

Most of the help desk activities happen 24/7to maintain and control the core business processes. Organizations with IT help desk will easily manage software and hardware issues easily.

This, in turn, will help to focus on core business activities with the expert team taking care of the IT environment.

Help desk IT service

IT Service Desks – Origins

In the late 1980s helpdesk IT support emerged to address issues which proved to be a hindrance for productivity. The focus was not on end users but technical purposes which required intervention for smooth functioning. According to research done by Lain Middleton of Robert Gordon University, in the mid-1990s, it was discovered that value was derived not only from a reactive response to user issues but also from the help desk’s unique position of communicating daily with numerous customers or employees.

In the present time, rising requests to lessen IT operational costs has paved the way for many organizations to incorporate IT Help Desk functions with many engaging 3rd party support partners to staff them. The outsourcing factors quickly led to the standardization of processes and growth in the market for help desk IT support.

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Difference Between Help desk and Call Center

Help desk

The help desk is created and maintained by an organization to provide insights into the company’s processes, products, and services.All known problems are quickly resolved as they are maintained as a centralized resource.

Call Center

A call center is a central point for managing customer contacts and interactions. Inbound call center or contact center is designed only to receive users’, customers’ or partners’ calls for things like product support, customer service, order processing, and 24/7 phone services. Outbound call centers are used for things like telemarketing, market research, and more.

How to Integrate a Help Desk Bot into IT Service Management Solution

The advantage of integrating help desk bots into the enterprise is to get the right help and have the issue resolved during any time of the day/night. To avoid human presence 24/7 or during the nights or for a particular time, bots are used to address the tickets. This helps in increasing work productivity and easy resolving of issues.

IT staff find it difficult to examine each support request to provide the right solution when they are flooded with a stream of tickets continually. On the lighter side, the productivity of support staff takes a dip if their focus is shifted.

Therefore, help desk bot can help employees by providing solutions for underlying problems. Help desk bots can be programmed to refer to the user guide to provide answers. This way, users need not have to search the FAQs or user guides for a solution manually. Alternatively, they can chat with the bot and acquire the needed knowledge to fix it themselves.

Overall, the productivity of the help desk IT support staff is bound to increase alongside the ROI. On the other hand, when the organization’s size increases, the help desk assistance would be requested only for complex issues.

Integrating help desk bots into an organization improves overall work productivity without any hassles. The interface granted to access is approachable to get help and assistance for various day to day IT issues. Employees will save on time, money, and energy. A perfect helpdesk bot minimizes, or we might even say, eliminates the frustration of both parties – support staff and employees.

On the whole, it enhances productivity with the help of help desk IT support staff. The organizational heads can focus mainly on high priority issues which need their attention.

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