What is VoIP

What is VoIP and how it works?

VOIP is voice over internet protocol. VOIP phones convert our analog messages into digital signals that are transmitted to other phones through the internet. Many businessmen and corporate companies have transferred from using a traditional phone to the use of a VOIP phone. The VOIP phone is better than the traditional phone. It’s one big advantage that it is cheaper than the traditional phone.

How is VoIP different from regular telephone line

The traditional phone also could be tracked and tapped into, which is a very rare possibility for a VOIP phone. The VOIP phone is very safe, and it gives freedom of movement as it is very flexible to use. VOIP phones can be used anytime and anywhere. The VOIP services are provided by the VOIP service providers. These companies guide and help in the installation of the VOIP phone for your office.

How can you set up the VOIP phone at your office?

  1. You need to recognize how many users you need to set up at your office.
  2. The internet connection has to be fast and should work at all times.
  3. The VOIP services are vast, and for each service, the VOIP service providers charge accordingly. Make a list of your needs and then set a budget and choose the plan and services that suit you best.
  4. VOIP needs a new phone, so set up a new phone.
  5. Finally, the VOIP phone is set, and then you can use it.

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All of these steps are covered efficiently and with perfection by the Salient IT team. The team will make sure that all the work is done by them, and they will explain to you the guidelines to use the phone.

How to boost the sales of the business through VOIP?

Ease in customer service

The VOIP phone uses CRM and ERP systems. When a customer calls the call center, the employee can see their purchase history. Hence it becomes easier to handle the problems of the clients and make sure your customer service is the best in the industry.

New markets

Due to the service of the VOIP wherein, you can select the location of your number. For example, if you are in New York but you put the address of Los Angeles, and your target

What is voip

audience is in Los Angeles, then you can give the clients the idea that you are a local businessman. You no longer have to establish offices in every location; rather, get a new number for each branch! It’s easier to increase sales if people believe that you are a local company.

You appear to be professional and also bigger than you are. Even if you don’t want to expand but having numbers of different areas make you appear bigger than you are.

The loyal clientele

It is better to have a loyal client than a random client. Due to the CRM service of the VOIP phone, it helps you identify each number with the name of the person. You can shortlist the numbers of customers who have always stayed loyal with their purchase of the product and can offer them discount coupons and special prices. They will feel rewarded and in future also will feel more inclined to buy your company’s services and products.

Marketing strategies

It is always difficult to measure accurately which marketing tactic will work best for your product. There is a way to employ VOIP services for the same. Have two different marketing strategies and allocate different numbers to each strategy. Whichever number receives the most number of incoming calls is the strategy that worked best. This is possible to track due to the advanced features of the VOIP services.


When a customer cannot connect to the customer service, very few percentages of people leave a voicemail. Sometimes these voicemails aren’t even responded back to. With VOIP services, the calls are transferred to any devices that you link with the VOIP phone. No longer do the customer service employees need to sit in the same place at all times to attend the calls. The voicemails are also directed to the email. A group email id for all sales agents could help them respond faster, and it will lead to a boost in the sales of the company.

Short service

The customers hate the after service calls as they take too long. The customers also have to repeatedly give their details such as purchase history, account number, payment method, etc. the IRM feature of the VOIP services enable the customer service employee to get the details of the client before the call is picked up.

Business is growing day and night due to VOIP services. If you want VOIP services for your company, then contact the best service providers of Salient IT.

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What is Voice Over IP

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