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Business VoIP Providers of 2022

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, has been increasing in popularity every year. With the use of reliable VoIP providers, businesses can benefit from significant cost savings compared to traditional phone services. VoIP services are also more scalable, making it a very practical and effective solution for business owners all over the world.
Finding the best VoIP service provider can be challenging, so we’ve made it easy – here is our list of the best VoIP providers for small businesses.
1. RingCentral
Based in California, RingCentral is a VoIP providers that has offices around the world. They are very well reviewed and offer competitive pricing. Ring Central is perfect for businesses as it offers a host of features which includes unlimited calling, toll free numbers and a customizable caller ID.
With RingCentral’s VoIP service you can take calls from any device and track incoming and outgoing calls. It’s a feature rich service that is perfect for growing businesses.
The Pros
• Wide range of services
• Generous toll-free minutes
• Price matching available
• 99.99% uptime
The Cons
• Outsourced customer service
• Pricing somewhat expensive
• Very few call center features on basic plans
RingCentral is one of the leading names in VoIP services and can handle small, medium and large customers with ease. However, pricing can be somewhat on the expensive side, especially for smaller businesses that don’t necessarily need all the available features.
2. Vonage
Vonage is one of the more popular VoIP providers. With a range of VoIP services for small businesses, companies can use the advanced features and secure their own business number. Vonage offers scalable services, so it can easily keep up with a growing business while maintaining affordable pricing.
Another benefit of Vonage is that it easily integrates with various CRM tools such as Slack and Salesforce, so businesses can switch over knowing that their VoIP service will easily integrate with popular tools and platforms. Vonage also offers a desktop and mobile app.
The Pros
• Offers 24/7 support for businesses
• 99.99% uptime
• Easy setup and activation
The Cons
• Additional monthly fees for some features
• Many customer complaints of technical issues
Vonage is perfectly positioned to serve small and large businesses and offers a wide range of VoIP services. They are scalable too, services, so they are a good option for growing businesses.
3. Salient IT

Best Business VoIP Provider

Salient IT is a leading VoIP providers that offers affordable VoIP services to customers throughout Sacramento. With a solid track record and high level of customer satisfaction, Salient IT is ideal for businesses that need a scalable VoIP solution.
With Salient IT you’ll benefit from an affordable VoIP solution with a low cost of operation and a very easy setup process, making it ideal for small and medium sized businesses.
The Pros
Low cost VoIP solutions
• Reliable customer support
• Easy setup process
The Cons
• Focused on small and medium businesses as opposed to large corporations
• Extra charges for some features
Salient IT offers a very easy setup process, making it easy for businesses to switch over from their existing service provider. With reliable support available and scalable services, this is a great option for any small business owner who is looking for value for money.

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4. Grasshopper
Grasshopper is a great solution for people who are constantly on the move. The company offers an Android and iOS app that allows you to make and receive calls on a mobile phone, using a business number. This is a great way to keep business and personal communications separate.
Grasshopper is perfect for entrepreneurs who are looking for a reliable VoIP providerswithout all the extensive features that large organizations will typically need.
The Pros
• Easy to set up
• Convenient mobile apps
• Toll-free vanity numbers
The Cons
• Some features are charged extra
• Audio quality issues
• Issues with transcription features
Grasshopper is ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs, offering a very easy setup and convenient mobile communications. Although some issues with audio quality and transcription have been reported, Grasshopper offers very good value for money overall.
5. Nextiva
Nextiva is a VoIP provider based in Arizona, that offers a variety of plans with plenty of great features. They have an online management platform that allows users to easily manage multiple lines and employees that are located in different countries.
Nextiva has an in-house customer support team, which is a huge plus for many customers. However, this VoIP provider is best suited for small businesses with a limited budget, as opposed to businesses that require a high volume of international calls.
The Pros
• Low prices
• Scalable for multiple locations
• Easy online management platform
The Cons
• Pricing can be confusing
• Expensive international calls
If you are looking for an inexpensive VoIP option and an easy to manage online platform, Nextiva is ideal. However, if your business needs to make a lot of international calls, it may prove to be a bit expensive.
When it comes to choosing the best VoIP service, there are a few factors to consider. If you are a very large organization that needs a robust solution, a VoIP provider like RingCentral may be suitable. However, if you are looking for the best mix of affordability, reliability and quality VoIP services from business VoIP providers ,Salient IT offers unmatched value for money. You can always benefit from a scalable VoIP solution that can grow with your business and offer all the features you need at an affordable price – backed up by solid customer support.

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