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Salient IT is a one-stop destination for all your IT customized and tailor-made requirements for your company. We specialize in a broad category of IT services required for the smooth running and handling of a company, including VoIP services. Our VoIP phone services are designed to deliver the best of performance in lending your company a hand to function fast and error-free.This article will help you learn about What is VoIP Phone and help you choose the right VoIP phone service for your business.

What is VoIP Phone?

VoIP, an abbreviation for Voice Over Internet Protocol, is the new-gen version of the traditional digital telephones. It allows you to convey audio through the existing internet connection.

VoIP services is also known as Cloud Telephony, explaining itself better as calls that can be made through the cloud. It is being adapted and used in every leading company in the world to make work easier.The big question for everyone is what is VoIP phone Features?

What is VoIP Phone Features

What is VoIP Phone

  • VoIP services will enable you to make audio and video calls, share multimedia files, conduct voice or video conferences on the same network. You could also make long-distance calls to different countries for free using VoIP services
  • There is no need for spending on in-office hardware and its maintenance. All you need is a high-speed internet connection and no extra devices. Therefore, there will be no clutter and tangling of wires with ample free space. Freedom from wires also implies that multiple office buildings can be connected with the same VoIP services system for better consistency of work.
  • There are a number of features that enable the usage of different devices to get a task done. SIP Forking and mobility extension can be used to answer calls on any device. It is basically enabling more than two devices to answer a call on the same extension number, which can be highly useful for employees to answer official calls on their personal mobiles or laptops while on leave. A call forwarding feature can help forward any client calls from an employee’s office phone to their personal phones when they are on a business trip. Call pickup feature enables other staff of the same group to answer a missing staff’s call by just entering a unique feature code so as never to lose a client.
  • Direct Inward Dial or DID features lets callers directly reach the internal destination without having to go through the reception every time.
  • Easy call recordings are available with just a touch of a unique feature code for later reference. Not just recordings of clients but call details like the duration of calls, the number of calls, and recent contacts can be recorded to monitor an employee’s performance quality too.
  • Custom Ringback can be very useful for two companies sharing an office and reception. Each company can have their own ringtones so that the receptionist knows where to forward which call without having to ask it every time.
  • AutoCLIP feature is essential for enabling the company’s customers to reach the staff who called them in the first place directly. For instance, your employee calls a potential customer, and they couldn’t answer for some reason. When the customer calls back AutoCLIP feature will put them directly to the employee’s phone without intermediating the receptionist.
  • VoIP system can also be connected and integrated to the company’s other business software to ensure a smoother functioning.

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How does it work?

VoIP works in a similar way to digital telephony, including the steps of signaling, setting up the channel, digitizing the analog voice signals, and encoding. However, the transmission of the encoded signals occurs over a packet-switched network instead of a circuit-switched network.

To put it simply, the audio messages are packed in different packets according to some set protocols or rules which are then transmitted over the internet. The packets received as signals at the other end are then decoded by following the same protocols, and the message is delivered. The media streams are transported through special media delivery protocols that encode or pack video and audio with video codecs and audio codecs, respectively.

The whole process may sound lengthy but, as a matter of fact, happens within fractions of a second and yields the fastest results.

Why VoIP by Salient IT?

Salient IT customizes and recommends the best VoIP phone services according to your company’s needs, like the average amount of calls being made per day or the areas to which the calls will be made.

Choose Salient IT for all your IT related needs

VoIP phone services will enable your company to function in a hassle-free, effortless manner. We provide the best security by using premium firewalls. Moreover, no extra charges will be levied for the installation of the services.

The best feature of VoIP being, all phone lines, users, and features can be controlled through the same system. It will help increase efficiency, productivity, collaboration, and customer service quality, all at minimal costs.

So if you are looking for catering to your IT needs to expand your business, including more departments in your company, shift to a new office, or just want better connectivity services, Salient IT’s VoIP is where you stop looking.

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What is VoIP

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