Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) – Communications for the 21st Century

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP): Communications for the 21st Century


If your Business isn’t using VoIP, it will. Here’s why:

Your business will be using VoIP soon if not already. Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is obsolete, the future of communications is the Internet. Since its widespread introduction 15 years ago, VoIP technology has proven to be a reliable and cost-effective choice over telcos and their legacy circuit-switched networks.

Benefits of Using VoIP

Significant Cost Savings

According to MarketWatch, Internet Telephony saves SMBs 45% compared to telcos and the PSTN. Costs per call, both domestic and international, are much less. Quit paying tariff regulatory charges telcos pass on to their customers. Businesses like yours who save with VoIP are reinvesting those funds to other higher priority initiatives. Space constraints prevent discussing Time Division Multiplexing (TDM), but it’s an essential part of the PTSN. VoIP supersedes TDM with packet switching, a far more efficient (and cheaper) method of calling and sending data.

It’s Efficient & Portable

No longer do you need separate voice and data networks.

A smartphone can serve as your office phone extension, reducing your mobile phone expense.

Multi-tasking capabilities & features — VoIP technology offers services like attaching documents, teleconferencing/video conferencing, instant messaging and forwarding voicemail and faxes to an email address.

A VoIP phone has the same phone number everywhere — at your office, at home, in your vehicle, across the country or anywhere in the world.

Should a local power outage or a weather event knock out your company’s office phone, VoIP easily lets you forward calls to your smartphone or laptop.

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The intrinsic flexibility of VoIP allows for its usage with a variety of networking platforms including SONET (fiber optics), Ethernet and even Wi-Fi. The complexity of old-school PTSN “key systems” is eliminated. No more extra wiring, proprietary equipment and installation for extensions. No more costly and time-consuming tech visits for cross-connects and moving phones.

By transitioning away from site-based hardware to a cloud-based SaaS application like VoIP, the phone system is easier to maintain and adjust. There’s no need to bond telco T-1s to expand the company’s local area network (LAN). VoIP is literally “plug-and-play.” You can easily add and eliminate lines at need without an IT tech.

Outstanding Call Clarity and Reliability
You may have heard that VoIP distorts the human voice, has network latency (lag) and drops calls. Performance and reliability are much better today compared to early generation VoIP technologies. VoIP vocal clarity is now on par with that provided by the telco.

VoIP Service Sacramento
Is your current phone system geared towards a different business size, or do you find your phone network ceasing to work suddenly? We offer VoIP services that are completely customized to your business so your needs are not only met but exceeded.

At Salient IT, we’re always more than happy to discuss all the benefits VoIP can offer your business.

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