Managed IT Services Solve the Backup Dilemma

Managed IT Services

Most business owners have been slow about catching on to the inevitability of the digital transformation (DX). Digital technology application and integration has seeped into every aspect of society. With the DX movement has finally come progress toward using data to increase business profits and productivity. Realizing the importance of storing data in the cloud has been slower in coming. However, data backup services are invaluable, and that’s where managed IT services come in.

Understanding of the Importance of Data Backup is Lacking

Each click and swipe on a smartphone or computer creates a mounting volume of data. Savvy organizations are continually seeking out innovative strategies for mining and monetizing online data. By 2020, these companies will realize $430 billion in advantages over their competitors due to increased productivity, according to the International Institute for Analytics. As invaluable as data is, protecting it with high-level backup security is a must. The vital importance of dealing with the ever-growing need for backup storage space does not seem to have registered among business owners in the US and places around the world. Those that have caught on utilize managed IT services for data backup.

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Surprising Statistics on Cloud Usage for Backup

Research on data backup and the cloud was conducted by interviewing hundreds of IT backup administrators, executives, and business professionals in America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) to participate in World Backup Day. The results showed the industry has both a complex distributed environment and a data backup dilemma.

It was discovered that most respondents say they take care of data backup but their methods are frequently insufficient to provide the level of protection needed. For example, 41% admitted that no third-party backup solutions are used, and a serious misconception about backup support provided by a popular platform (Office 365) was a reason frequently given.

How Managed IT Services Help with Data Backup

The vast importance of data backup, including at a remote location, is something that companies of every size truly need to recognize. When you rely on managed IT services for data backup and recovery services, you get the following benefits:

  • You are ready for the unexpected. Preventative measures are essential because unexpected problems can occur at any time, and it’s impossible to predict when.
  • Your business is safeguarded and defended. In addition to data backup, managed IT services ensure that your systems, network, and data are safe from hacking and from viral threats.
  • Recovery is much quicker. If data is lost as a result of your network crashing, your data is backed up and will get to you without delay.

Salient IT offers the best in managed IT services, including essential data backup and recovery. Our innovative system will back up all of your server and domain data and store it in an off-site server to ensure that you are always able to quickly access your data.

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