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With news about various data breaches, from publicized celebrity videos to massive leakage of credit-related information, it seems that putting one’s data into the cloud is a risky move. But with many businesses seeing the advantages of cloud computing, one may wonder if opting for cloud services outweigh the dangers of the online realm. We at Salient IT believe that shifting to cloud services still holds great advantages for your business, but steps to protect cloud computing processes from malicious forces of the internet are imperative.

Cloud Services and Facts

Businesses must be extra careful in safeguarding integral company information. Examples are sensitive consumer data that include purchase history and credit card info, or enterprise secrets such as signature production details and internal operations descriptions. Lack of security potency may lead to devastating effects, like with what happened to Sony last 2014. One may think that Sony was vulnerable being a large enterprise, but the business size was never a factor to cybersecurity. In fact, a study showed that over 50% of small businesses asked admitted to experiencing data theft, with half of those going through the horrible experience more than once.

Occurrences like this halt company operations, disruptions that can be costly. Stolen data can’t be simply replaced or recreated. Especially for massive databases that took years to expand, unavailability of this information may snowball into bigger problems. Halted operations mean lack of production, which leads to loss of income. With no money to rake in, employees are not compensated, clients are left unhappy, and both mentioned parties will have no choice but to look elsewhere for their needs. Without appropriate cybersecurity measures, your company is in grave danger.

Approaching providers of cloud services for data storage should not stop at the mere idea of getting online data space. Cloud computing to utilize online data storage comes in various forms (on-premise vs. off-premise, private vs public vs hybrid cloud, etc.) which is why it is imperative for you to weigh options. An on-site cloud computing server can be easily manned because of its physical accessibility, but its vulnerability comes in the form of who can access or damage it within its vicinity. Liquid spills, sudden accidental forces (i.e. getting hit unintentionally) and power outages are its major enemies.

Cloud services providers, on the other hand, just might do the trick for you. Cloud computing is manned under their watch, which is 24/7. And since cloud service providers are known for their skill and professionalism, you are confident that you are taken care of with sheer expertise. Approaching cloud services providers means working with a set of individuals that will guard cloud computing processes against being disrupted. You can stay confident for a long time with these cloud services providers, who will also help you be in the know of how cloud computing works, especially when it comes to security.

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Cloud Computing Services Methods

The thing is, cloud computing is here to stay. It is making its rounds to various businesses and helping them achieve better means to earn more and make clients happy. But the proliferation of cloud services does not make it safe from security concerns. However, there are ways for you and your hired cloud services professionals to make your network robust with cybersecurity precautions. Let’s count the ways:

Benefits of Cloud Computing Services

Limited Access

Keeping a closed list of who has access to stored data and cloud computing processes will ease in tracking changes made in the cloud. Also, by assigning two-step authentication to his limited list of users, intruders will find it harder to meddle with cloud services.


Another cloud computing strategy is to use data encryption while data is being transferred. Cloud services providers may teach you how to assign passwords when accessing files using unauthorized gadgets.

Stronger Barriers

Cloud services providers will assess your company’s firewalls and virus protection means to align them to cloud computing processes. Though cloud services providers may have their own networks or infrastructures, they may incorporate protective barriers, may it be theirs or your company’s, to strengthen cloud computing-based security checkpoints to protect you better.

Process Sophistication

A holistic security process, from data storage to data recovery, is something that cloud services providers can plan out so that cloud computing will be utilized to the fullest. In case of massive attacks that can maim company’s systems, since cloud computing is based in the cloud services providers’ own networks, security measures will happen as planned. The process will also include assignment of off-site backups and fail-proof protocols that will spell out how security concerns will be addressed.


Your cloud services providers will also help you in choosing the best hardware to promote physical security within the office. Burglar alarms, security cameras, backup generators: since physical damage or human error can do harm to data security, these actions can’t be singled out. Ask you cloud services providers on how equipment can be incorporated with cloud computing to improve data security.


No business data security really can’t be 100% safe, which is realistic to say. Professional cloud services providers can lessen the margin of a data breach. Informing yourself is the first step in protecting your business, let Salient IT be your trusted IT advisor and resource when learning how to maintain a secure environment for you and your clients.

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