Office 365 Security Updates

Office 365 offers a bunch of apps for productivity and workplace collaboration but one of its most powerful features is Office 365 Security – which helps protects your data around the clock.

Benefits of Office 365 Security Updates

1. Bug and Fixes

Let’s start with the basics. Office 365 updates are a result of various bug and error reports from previous Office 365 versions. Without these Office 365 updates, your apps might not be able to keep up with the rest of your working environment, which includes internet connections, network systems, and fellow Office 365 users. 

Think of it this way. Microsoft manages all of its Office 365 subscribers and makes sure that Office 365 updates come as intended. Let’s say you’ve been holding off Office 365 updates and are stuck with one of those Office 365 versions of earlier times. If you are stuck with one of many old Office 365 versions, Microsoft cannot keep up with you along with other users who installed Office 365 updates in them. The more you stay with outdated Office 365 versions, the lesser you can work with Microsoft, and vice versa.

Same goes for Office 365 security updates. Microsoft cannot protect you as much as they can if you don’t let Office 365 security updates help you out. These Office 365 security updates are integral so that Microsoft can assist you better, using up-to-date means. That is why keep those Office 365 security updates coming, for your own good.

2. Microsoft SDL

Office 365 security updates are also meant to follow Microsoft SDL. The Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle is a set of security standards that the company follow in creating, testing, developing, and managing various systems. These systems include the apps they put their trademark on. Office 365 versions all go through these scrutinizing considerations to make sure that Office 365 versions are up to date with the latest in security and privacy. All Office 365 versions have gone through processes approved by the Microsoft SDL, and will continue to be evaluated to that future Office 365 versions will be at part to said standards.

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Allowing Office 365 updates to be installed is allowing Microsoft to guide you through Microsoft SDL. These Office 365 updates are your means to let them help you so that your own systems are running smoothly according to their standards. This goes the same for Office 365 security updates. Without these Office 365 security updates, you won’t be able to keep up with other users who are updated the way Microsoft wants them to be updated. Staying with earlier Office 365 versions won’t help you be in sync with a set of compliance rules that are supposed to be followed.

3.  Keeping Up

Office 365 security updates are also your means against cyberattacks. Sure, Office 365 security is potent on its own, but remember that as security systems are getting updated, so are malicious forces in the internet. Missing out on Office 365 updates means missing out on important findings on how to improve older Office 365 versions. If you are stuck with Office 365 versions that did not have a specific update against a type of virus or malware, these could serve as a gateway for said virus or malware to get to you. Think of Office 365 updates as patches for certain loopholes in the system. If you don’t instal Office 365 updates right away, malicious entities will find these loopholes and go through them. That is why it is important to keep up using Office 365 updates. Past Office 365 versions won’t cut it anymore.

You’d rather skip those Office 365 updates because it’s laborious to restart your computer and stop what you’re doing at the moment. You’re afraid that these Office 365 updates will just add more disk space. You’re content with old Office 365 versions because you’re used to the interface, and departing from old Office 365 versions means re-learning the system again. These are lame excuses not to install Office 365 updates, especially Office 365 security updates aimed for your safety. Be upfront with your own welfare, and the welfare of other Office users collaborating with you.

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