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Office 365 for business is a Microsoft subscription service that includes access to online productivity services and Office applications. This includes business services such as hosted email, online storage, and web conference. Office 365 allows users to access the most vital business applications from multiple devices like tablet, desktop, laptop or smartphone.

Office 365 for business is actually much more than just Microsoft Office in the cloud. Moving to the cloud is indeed considered to be a huge decision for any business. However, moving to a cloud-based system like Office 365 has a few major advantages and some of these are discussed below.

Advantages of Using Office 365 for Businesses

· Work anywhere
Office 365 will allow you to work from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

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Since it is entirely cloud-based, you will be able to access your files, email, and Office programs (PowerPoint, Excel, Word) from any device at any location.
· Increase security responsibilities
Office 365 ensures that all of the files and data are logically and physically secure. This is one of the key benefits of Office 365 for a small business which relies on programs like MS Office 365 in order to protect their data. Providing these services internally will exceed your business budget. Thus, adding some of the features in Office 365 will help you to save a huge amount of money.
· Effortless collaboration
The collaboration features of Office 365 will be extremely beneficial for your business if you have teams that work together on documents, presentations or tasks. All members of a team will be able to edit documents on the same version instead of making multiple copies. Office 365 also allows users to go back to an older version. With team chat and shared calendars, all team members will always be in sync.
· Eliminates hardware and lessens energy costs
Since Office 365 runs in the cloud, you can save a lot on energy costs. This is because you’ll no longer need servers for your website, document storage or emails. The removal of onsite servers will also reduce the requirement for additional office space to store server hardware.
· Greater mailbox storage
Most of us tend to store all our email messages in our inbox. Even when we decide to clean the inbox, we still end up retaining almost all the emails we sent and received. With Office 365, you can now forget those red popup messages that serve as a notification whenever you need to clean up your email. Now, you can work better with 50GB of email storage space offered by Office 365.
· Attain scalability
Because Office 365 is a cloud-based service, you no longer have to think about having just a single ISP or server. This indeed will increase business uptime and availability. Files of Office 365 are universally accessible. The high accessibility factor is a key concern for any business.

With all the advantages mentioned above, enterprises (big and small) are finding Office 365 collaboration to be increasingly beneficial because of its ability to drive productivity, corporate success, and ROI. You can now get the best Office 365 services from Salient IT – a company providing customized IT services and solutions for medium and small businesses.

The team from Salient IT will help your business implement Office 365 by taking you through all necessary operations to confirm that you have a successful launch with Office 365. Furthermore, Salient IT will also provide constant support for your business. You are guaranteed to get the best by collaborating with Salient IT as the company has the experience of working in challenging environments across industries in order to allow SMEs identify and implement the best Office 365 solution to help them succeed. Salient IT’s O365 services include, but are not limited to:
· Data migration
· Consulting
· Email migration
· Quality assurance and support

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