Cloud Services

IT Service › Cloud Services With news about various data breaches, from publicized celebrity videos to massive leakage of credit-related information, it seems that putting one’s data into the cloud is a risky move. But with many businesses seeing the advantages of cloud computing, one [...]

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Help Desk Outsourcing Benefits

Home >> Help Desk Outsourcing Benefits Customer service plays a crucial role in any business as it helps in determining business success. This also helps to establish the loyalty of a business towards its customers. Whether its about product related queries or issues involving technical [...]

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Business VoIP Phone Service

Home Business VoIP      Top Benefits of switching to Business VoIP Your business will be using VoIP soon if not already. Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is obsolete, the future of communications is the Internet. Since its widespread introduction 15 years ago, VoIP technology has [...]

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Cloud IT Service

Home >> Cloud IT Service Cloud IT Service: The transition to cloud-based solutions has created a positive influence on modern enterprises/businesses. It requires an elaborate set up to administer and manage cloud operations as it incurs heavy investments in infrastructure and sophisticated expertise to understand, [...]

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Help Desk IT Service

Home Help desk IT Service What is help desk IT Service? An IT help desk in an organization refers to the department which is responsible for providing correct answers to technical queries raised by customers or employees. Today, organizations of all size have their help [...]

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What is Spam Filter

Home > Spam Filter Hackers perform mass mailing to bombard target users with thousands of spam mail. Most spam is sent from infected systems forming a zombie network. IT security offers a range of anti-spam solutions to ensure your protection. Anti-spam solutions will not protect [...]

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