What does Wi-Fi6 really bring?

The old ways of communication have changed. The same goes for communication channels. It went from letters, telegrams, emails, telephones and now to the internet and Wi-Fi. But it doesn’t stop there. Like everything else, this keeps on evolving too. It can be witnessed how Wi-Fi connections and communications are updating.

To reduce any confusion, the Wi-Fi association has adopted the concept of version numbers. We now have the latest Wi-Fi version Wi-Fi 6.

What is Wi-Fi 6?

What we use today for wireless networking is termed as IEEE 802.11ac. Let’s just call it Wi-Fi 5. Let’s not bother with that large name. The upcoming version is called IEEE 802.11ax or Wi-Fi 6 for short. The last standard version was released in 2014, and Wi-Fi 6 has been in works ever since.

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Wi-Fi6 what is different and why it matters

● Better speed

To match the 5G and more internet services, this new Wi-Fi has better data speed. This is highly beneficial for more data consuming apps. For example, video calls.

● More capacity
Everything is now being connected to the internet. The concept of IoT (Internet of Things) is being adapted. That’s why the need for wireless Wi-Fi is increasing. For so many things to access the internet, Wi-Fi 6 has increased capacity.

● Performance
Spaces that provide public internet handles a lot of traffic and data. With the latest version of Wi-Fi, it is easier to handle a large crowd and their data usage.

Major Features of Wi-Fi 6

This next-generation Wi-Fi has a promising speed to offer. The previous version Wi-Fi 5 could provide a speed up to 3.5 Gbps to 4Gbps at max. However, the predicted speed of the latest version is 9.5 Gbps. Now, that’s fast and furious with wireless Wi-Fi.

Every internet-related thing is being made better and better. High-performance phones and laptops require a high-performance connection as well.
That’s why the main objective of Wi-Fi 6 is to provide speed without disruption. It focuses on providing a good quality of speed to every connected device. Hence, it can manage data distribution efficiently.

Low battery consumption
Wi-Fi 6 is certified for several efficient features. One of them being low battery consumptions. This means that your device won’t take much load of the connection. You can use the Wi-Fi and your device for a longer duration. That, too, without any network issues.

Which devices are compatible with Wi-Fi 6?

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers or IEEE looks after the companies working on compatible devices for Wi-Fi 6.
Companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and, well, hundreds more are included in the list curated by them.
New devices like laptops and smartphones developed by the companies mentioned in the list, will be compatible with the next generation Wi-Fi system. Basically, all the upcoming devices will be compatible with the new generation of wireless Wi-Fi network.

Why is it necessary?
We all are living in the era of technology. That’s a fact hard to deny. The number of devices per person is increasing. There is always a need for more. But with the introduction of Wi-Fi 6, this need for more can be controlled.
People won’t need different connections and data plans for every single person in their house. All of their things that require the internet can now work easily on a single network.
Yes, with previous Wi-Fi networks, they all worked on the same network as well. But there are more disruptions in that.
Wi-Fi 6 is developed with efficiency and speed in mind. That’s what makes it different. It is simply a better way to manage your data, traffic, speed, and everything that can be managed with Wi-Fi.

What is the largest market for Wi-Fi 6?

As mentioned before, IoT is becoming a more common concept. The introduction of Wi-Fi 6 will definitely be revolutionary for it.

IoTs are heavy data loaders. They require a more advanced connection. Hence, it can be easily said that the IoT market will be the most affected by it. Maybe it will also remove the need for Bluetooth connectivity in the future. But who knows what more advancement it will bring. For now, it is apparent that a large scale change is coming.

Better buy devices that are certified for compatibility with Wi-Fi 6. Prepare for a change. And if you have old devices that you are not sure about, you can look for more information. Your best bet would be to contact the manufacturer of your device. If you are looking for updating your old tech, go for the upgraded version of it from the same manufacturer.

It might take some time for Wi-Fi 6 to be available in all the regions. You might need to wait for a while. Even for this Wi-Fi to work, a good network distributor is required.

Check how Salient IT Solutions can help you with Wi-Fi risks

Handling more data and connections means more risks. With a huge number of devices, securing them is also necessary. After all, one Wi-Fi can become a route for a single virus into many servers and whatnot. That’s why companies like Salient IT Solutions have got your back.

Following are some of the solutions to supposed risks:

1. Network Security
You can’t have a great house without great security. The same applies to Wi-Fi networks. Whether its public network space or home IoT, security is a must.
You don’t want to leave your wireless networks as an open invitation for any hacker or virus. That’s why network security is important. You can easily contact these IT solutions companies, and they will help you.

2. Service providers
These IT solutions also handle wireless services as well. Companies who want to hire such services can also contact them. They will handle all the data requirements of your offices.

3. Data management
One Wi-Fi service can be used at different locations. They can be connected with multiple devices. All these devices at multiple locations need data management. Salient IT solutions can handle all of that for you.

4. VoIP
VoIP Services need a wireless connection. They require proper maintenance and management to function. There are other technical requirements, as well. IT solution companies have experts for that as well. They will pretty much set up everything according to your needs.

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