Data Backup & Disaster Recovery for Small & Mid-sized Businesses (SMBs)

Backup Your Cloud

Disaster recovery planning is an aspect of small business that is often missed. The trouble is that disasters are not uncommon. They include natural disasters, fires, cyber-attacks, and data loss due to human error. With a disaster recovery plan, such as a data backup system, a business is far better equipped to survive after a catastrophe of some kind has occurred. Business owners in some industries have discovered ways to combine a disaster recovery plan with plans for a profitable endeavor when an emergency arises. The following are a few examples of disaster recovery plans.

Small Business Disaster Recovery

A small business seeking options for rescuing inventory if business space is damaged may determine that a self-storage company could provide the answer. The disaster recovery planning would involve identifying self-storage facilities in a location nearby that would likely fare better than the store location in case of a flood, for example. A contract could possibly be made with the owner of a self-storage company guaranteeing the small business owner some space following a formal emergency declaration.

Disaster Recovery Companies

Ironically, disaster recovery companies need a recovery plan like everyone else. Some developed a process for identifying gaps in supply chain management to obtain material, equipment, and a workforce in a disaster. The plan would also facilitate agreements to streamline construction contracts made with the government and other high-level customers for the purpose of ensuring a more rapid recovery after a disaster.

Managed Service Providers for Data Backup

A basic component of a disaster recovery plan for most businesses is a data backup plan because data is absolutely essential. It’s best to have an off-site backup location in case all on-premise equipment is destroyed in a disaster. A managed service provider (MSP) can provide data backup and other aspects of disaster recovery to help small businesses survive an emergency.


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