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Different Types of IT Support Services

The technological advancements we’ve seen in the past couple of years have changed the way businesses operate. Almost anything today in business is driven by the internet and information technology. So it’s only safe to say that organizations need to secure their IT functions in order to increase productivity and efficiency. However, managing IT services is no easy task. It involves certain functionalities that require sophistication, finesse, and expertise. Luckily, there are several IT support services out there that can help businesses maintain and manage their internal IT infrastructures.

Today, we’ll look at the different types of IT services.

What Is an IT Support Service?

Information technology, or simply known as IT refers to the set of methods and processes that involve the use of computers, websites, and the internet. Considering that we live in an era where almost everything is computer-driven, all IT-related functions and tools need support and maintenance. This is where IT support services come into the picture. Basically, they refer to the process of providing support to all kinds of IT-related issues such as network setup, database management, cloud computing and so on. The main goal of these services is is to make sure that all IT-related functions are working seamlessly.

IT Support Services

What Are the Different Types of IT Support Services?

Before you invest in any IT support services, you need to know exactly what your internal IT structure needs. You need to know where you struggle the most so you don’t outsource the wrong IT task and waste a lot of money. If you’re still wondering what IT support service you need to invest in, check out some of the most popular types of IT services out there

Managed IT Service
Managed IT service refers to the support that most small businesses invest in. Managing an entire IT team requires time, money and expertise. Unfortunately, most small start-ups struggle the most in terms of running an entire IT infrastructure as they don’t have the right set of skills and resources. Luckily, there are several managed IT services to choose from based on your budget and financial capabilities. This is the primary reason why many businesses choose to outsource their managed IT services to the real experts. Not only does it allow them to save time and money, but it also helps them yield better results.

There are three kinds of Managed IT services out there. They are:

● Low-Level – In this stage, managed IT service providers will help you with some of the most fundamental business IT tasks. Typically, these include software application and system monitoring.

● Mid-Level – In this stage, managed IT service providers will still provide you with the basic IT support in addition to more complex and profound technical services.
● High-Level- In this stage, you’ll get all the support and services that are included in the low-level and mid-level stages with the inclusion of support for your network, data analytics, and more.

On-Demand IT Support

One of the most popular types of IT support services is on-demand IT support. This refers to the process of providing technical support whenever a problem arises. Instead of paying a fixed monthly fee, companies pay their trusted IT service provider for each individual service. Businesses that don’t like to commit to long-term packages and deals usually just invest in on-demand IT support. Aside from its convenient, it also provides businesses with immediate support and service whenever they need them.

Cloud Services

According to DigBit Technologies, 70% of internet users are starting to embrace cloud services. This is why more and more service providers are starting to develop their cloud computing services to help organizations benefit from this technology. With cloud computing, it will be easier for you to access your data and network from anywhere.

Why Salient IT Stands Unique Among IT Support Service Providers?

If you’re looking to outsource your IT support services, then consider seeking help from Salient IT. Our services here include a wide range of IT tasks to help you increase business efficiency and productivity. With Salient IT, you can skip past the hassle of managing your own internal IT infrastructure. It can also allow you to save more money as you don’t need to invest in expensive software and equipment needed for running an entire in-house IT team. What sets Salient IT apart from its competitors is its ability to provide personalized IT support to to different needs and demands.

Types of IT Support Services offered by Salient IT

● Cloud Services – Salient IT can help you have access to your important office resources from anywhere at any time. With its cloud computing solutions, all your files and data can be stored in a secure domain where hackers and online perpetrators can’t have access to. You also don’t need to worry about data loss as we securely monitor your data from time to time.

● Help Desk IT Service – Salient IT can immediately provide support to any issues or problems your network is experiencing. Backed with expertise, our team of IT professionals can help you resolve any issues to ensure business productivity and efficiency.

● Spam Protection – Salient IT knows how dangerous spam messages can be. With that said, it offers strong protection against spam-infected mails that may contain threats like malware, viruses, and phishing scares. This will help you maintain a strong environment away from all kinds of malicious threats that can cause a major security incident.

To find out more about our IT support give us a call now at (916) 432-2074.

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