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VOIP services enable us to make phone calls at a lower price than the traditional phone. If you are wondering what is a VOIP number? It takes our message and converts it into a digital signal that passes through our internet data to the other service provider. There has been tremendous growth in the usage of VOIP services of Salient IT as it has many features like portability, flexibility, inexpensive international calls, features for time management, etc.

What is a VoIP Number

When we talk about VOIP services and telephone, it makes us wonder what a VOIP number is. A VOIP number is given to an individual user and not to any device. This means that every user will have a specific number that can be used to contact them, but the number is not specific to a device like a laptop, phone, or computer. The number is safe to use and protects from tapping and tracing, unlike the traditional phone.

The VOIP services transmit a digital signal; in a sense, there isn’t any sound produced that can be taped. Now that we understand what is a VOIP number, then as for tracing the VOIP number, the VOIP number can be taken for any location. This is beneficial for the businessmen to develop a local service and gain the confidence of their clients. It also is a step towards safety as it cannot be traced to the actual location of the client using a VOIP number.

Why is a VOIP number safer than a traditional number?

The concept of what is a VOIP number is clear. Now let’s see what the difference between a traditional phone and a VOIP number is. From traditional phones to VOIP services, we have advanced technology. The VOIP services and VOIP numbers are very secure and almost untraceable. Yet, there are some things that the users can do to provide extra security to their numbers and networks.

1. The VOIP services provide a setting where you can change your VOIP number after every call. You can use different numbers every time you log in, and the changing of the numbers prevents anyone from hacking and tracing the number for information.

2. As a user, you can make sure to enter a very strong password for your VOIP sessions. The passwords for default settings of headphones, devices, etc. could be changed regularly to tighten the security of your information. Include letters, numbers, and lowercase and uppercase when it comes to your password.

3. It is better to stop using the Wi-Fi of an unsecured network. The unsecured network can be used for hacking your phone for data. It is advised to use your data for any of your VOIP sessions.

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4. When you see some anomalies, be quick to report it to the VOIP service provider. The anomalies such as an odd voicemail forwarded or an unread message marked read, etc. can be clues to your service being hacked. It is essential to contact your VOIP service provider. The faster you catch and report it, the sooner the VOIP service providers can track and trace the hacker.

5. Delete the information you no longer need. Even if there are scarce chances for hacking and leaking of information, it is better to be safe than sorry. The VOIP number will have stored all your voicemails and information. When you delete these, then if the hacker gets into the system, he won’t have much information to obtain. Deleting files is also better for your efficient working and management. Clear data every day at the end of your day that you no longer need.

6. When you use a device such as a headset, it is only as secure as you make it. It is suggested to make passwords for everything that you use. Set a strong password and change it frequently but randomly to add that extra layer of security.

7. One of the key features of a VOIP service is that of call forwarding. Call forwarding could lead to fraudulent behavior and hence restrict it to a minimum. The VOIP service providers at Salient IT can help you with the settings to ensure that you don’t compromise your security.

How do VOIP service providers help in securing your network?

At Salient IT, we provide services that help in securing the VOIP number as well as make the clients understand what a VOIP number and its advantages are. There are services like clustered firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, monitoring algorithms of the calls, credit limits, and limited access in some aspects, call routes, geo limit, and VPN. All of these help in layering your network. Due to these prevention systems by the VOIP service provider, it is more difficult to trace and track your network.

In any case of hacking, the VOIP service providers take note of the number from which you received the fraudulent call. They trace the number for you and can provide you with the basic information of your caller. But to be safe, let the calls from unknown or new VOIP numbers go to voicemail.

If you still have reservations and doubts about what is a VOIP number, then the Salient IT is your place to go.

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