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What you need to know about online data backups in Yuba City

Like so much else in the world of IT, the long-established process of taking data backups is now moving online. As is often the case, online data backups typically work much the same way as traditional data backups. There are, however, some differences, or nuances, it’s helpful to understand. With that in mind, here is a quick guide to what you need to know about online data backups in Yuba City.

You need to keep clear oversight of how online data backups are being managed

When you take offline data backups, you store your data on your own physical media and then have to organize for these storage media to be taken to an appropriate storage location (either on-site or off-site). When you use online data backup services, you free yourself from the hassle of having to move storage devices from A to B, but you still have to keep track of where your data is and who is looking after it.

For practical purposes, this means that you need to choose your IT services vendors with care and make sure that your service contract obliges them to treat your data in a way that is acceptable not just to you, but also to law-enforcers and regulators. In the real world, a contract is only worth the paper on which it is written if you can back it up by legal action if necessary and the simple reality is that the closer an IT services vendor is located to you, the easier it is to get them into a court in the first place and the easier it is to enforce any judgment you are awarded.

Because of this, it is generally safest to stick with online data backup services vendors in Yuba City or at least near Yuba City, rather than online data services vendors which offer services in Yuba City, but which are actually located elsewhere.

You need to keep your data clean to control your costs 

Digital clutter has become a fact of 21st-century life but in the cloud that digital clutter can cost you in all kinds of ways. First of all, if that digital clutter contains sensitive data, you find yourself on the wrong side of data protection laws and, quite bluntly, the longer you carry on breaking the law, even in inadvertently, the more likely it is that you will wind up getting caught and getting into a lot of trouble with the people who enforce the law.

Online Data Backup Services Yuba city

Secondly, even if it doesn’t, in the cloud, you pay for exactly what you use for exactly as long as you use it. This means that you’ll be paying for extra storage in your production system, plus extra storage for your online data backups (of which there are normally two) plus extra bandwidth to take the online data backups (and if need be to restore from them). If this excess data is then fed into a data archive your costs will continue there. They could continue indefinitely if you fail to keep tabs on what you’re storing there and why.

You need to be clear that an online data backup is not a disaster recovery solution 

To turn an online data backup into a cloud disaster recovery solution, you need to add the tools your team needs to work with the data, for example, an operating system and applications. This means that you either need to store your data in the cloud you intend to use for disaster recovery or you need to ensure that your online data backup is connected both to your main cloud and your disaster recovery cloud and that both clouds have import/export access to it.

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Even if you ordinarily work in a private cloud, you might want to consider using the public cloud as a place to store your online data backups and potentially as a complete disaster recovery solution. As a minimum, you can usually use the public cloud as a storage location for your online data backups provided that you encrypt them on your own servers and keep them encrypted until they are either recovered or deleted.

You may (or may not) have the option to use the public cloud as a complete (and cost-effective) disaster recovery solution. This would depend on whether or not you could decrypt your data within it if only for short periods and this would probably depend largely on whether or not your public cloud platform could demonstrate compliance with any relevant data protection laws and compliance programs. The good news is that it is increasingly likely that they can.

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