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Choosing the right managed IT services partner in Lodi

The managed IT services sector has done a lot to help take the load off SMBs, which generally just want their IT infrastructure to work without them having to do anything more than pay a regular bill. Managed IT services work best when they are viewed and approached as a collaborative partnership of equals, so it’s important to choose the right managed IT services partner for your organization. With this in mind, here are some tips on choosing the right managed IT services partner in Lodi.

Start by dealing with any existing issues

You may need to enlist the help of an IT support partner in Lodi before you can even properly start looking for a managed IT services partner in Lodi. This is because reputable managed IT services partners insist that you put your infrastructure in good order as a prerequisite to them taking it over. This includes dealing with any outstanding maintenance issues. In fact, you may even have to upgrade your infrastructure so that it meets their minimum standards.

The good news is that hiring an IT support partner in Lodi could actually help with finding a managed IT services partner in Lodi. Many companies offer both services, so if you like the service you get from the IT support side, then you may well like the service you get from the managed IT side.

Managed IT Services Lodi

Think about where you are now and where you would like to be

Moving to a managed IT services provider always involves some short-term upheaval (and expense, particularly if you have to upgrade your systems). The longer you stay with the same managed IT services partner, the longer you will have to recover from (and recoup the expenses of) the change – and, of course, vice versa.

This means that you want to think not just about what you need and want from a managed IT services provider right now (although this is, of course, important), but also what you need and want from them in the future. Ideally you should be thinking at least five years ahead (basically the longer the better).

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Double-check any likely changes to the law/compliance programs

The law and the requirements of compliance programs are both regularly updated, but companies are usually advised of upcoming changes long before they come into force and even likely changes are generally signaled well in advance. In any case, when it comes to data protection, the general direction of travel is already abundantly clear, more and tighter regulation with stiffer penalties for non-compliance.

In the eyes of the law and the compliance programs you are responsible for any sensitive data with which you entrusted. It is your responsibility to exercise appropriate supervision over any person or organization who/which has access to it. This is much easier to achieve if you work with a managed IT services provider in Lodi, or at least near Lodi, rather than a managed IT services provider which offers services in Lodi, but is based elsewhere.

Out-of-state/offshore managed IT support vendors may be able to offer lower prices for what appears to be the same headline level of service, but going down this route can easily turn out to be false economy. Putting your managed IT services vendor under a contractual obligation to treat your data in a legal and compliant way only has any real-world meaning if you can actually enforce your contract and the further away from you a managed IT services vendor is located, the harder this is likely to be.

Be rigorous in defining your needs and wants and setting your budget

You need to be absolutely clear about what services you need and what services are wants, even if they are high-priority ones, which are close to being needs. You also need to rank the latter in terms of priority. It’s really important to take the time to do this exercise properly because it will be fundamental not only to recruiting the right managed IT services provider but in agreeing the right contract with them.

Basically, if something is a need, then you have to find budget for it, so if you list it as a want, then you could find yourself cutting back elsewhere to find the money to pay for it. Similarly if you list a want as a need, you could end up overpaying on your service contract. As a rule of thumb, it usually makes sense to set up a subscription for services you know you will need, but be careful of overcommitting to wants, especially since you will need to keep funds available for break/fix work.

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