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What you need to know about IT services in Yuba City

The IT services industry has made it possible for SMBs to eliminate, or at least vastly streamline, their IT operations. This saves them time, money and the headache of recruiting, retaining and managing skilled IT personnel, of whom there is a global shortage (especially for roles involving the cloud or security). These days, however, there are so many different IT support services on offer, that navigating your way through them can be very confusing. With that in mind, here is a quick guide to IT services in Yuba City.

Managed IT hosting solves the problem of accessing infrastructure affordably

In the bad old days, SMBs had to deal with the challenge of buying all the infrastructure they needed upfront and installing, maintaining and managing it themselves. What’s more, they had to buy sufficient infrastructure to cover peak demand, even though, by definition, that was only ever going to be a small percentage of overall use.

Colocation vendors helped SMBs to solve some of the practical difficulties of housing the infrastructure they needed in a safe place, but sometimes solving one problem created another. Colocation vendors only supplied a secure location, power and internet, their clients still had to buy their own equipment and still had to arrange for it to be managed. Even in the early days of IT a lot of this management would have been done remotely, but sometimes technicians would need to go on-site and this could be time-consuming, especially in an emergency.

IT Services Yuba

Then managed hosting came along and life suddenly became a whole lot easier for SMBs. Managed hosting providers lease serviced infrastructure directly to companies for their exclusive use. This means that SMBs can get themselves set up (or make changes to their infrastructure relatively quickly) and without the need for significant up-front expenditure.

In the standard managed-hosting model, the managed hosting partner takes care of everything up to and including the operating system on the server. These days, managed hosting partners may also be able to look after applications as well, although that is still likely to be offered as an extra service with an extra charge.

Companies can do what they like with the infrastructure they lease. That often means using it as a convenient and very affordable way to create a private cloud. It can, however, also mean using it to keep a data center running until a cloud migration is complete. It can also mean a combination of both.

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Public cloud services are essentially managed hosting on a shared basis 

In principle, public clouds aren’t really all that different from managed hosting services. In practice, however, their shared nature means that they operate very differently. The difference between a private cloud and a public cloud is like the difference between having a private chef cook for you and eating a meal at a restaurant. The private chef will cook exactly what you want, when you want and how you want. The restaurant, by contrast, will set a menu from which you can choose and will have limited options for precise customization.

Of course, in the real world, how much this matters depends on how much control you feel you need to have. Many SMBs are perfectly happy in the public cloud, at least for most of the time. They’ll only use a private cloud when they want (or are obliged to have) the very highest levels of security or when they really need advanced customization options beyond anything offered in the public cloud.

Managed IT services are the people who keep the lights on 

Managed IT services are essentially the people who ensure that monitoring and maintenance routines are actually implemented as they should be. Even if you work in the public cloud, you may still benefit from their help as they can undertake functions such as usage monitoring and security monitoring. They can also help with backing up data to a second cloud (or a physical device), which is strongly recommended as a precaution against erroneous deletion.

If you’re running a private cloud or a data center then managed IT services can reduce, or even eliminate your need for an in-house IT operations team with all the staffing headaches this implies, especially for anything to do with cybersecurity.

IT support vendors assist with projects and problem-solving

In the old days, that heading would have been “problem solving and problems”, but thanks to the managed IT services industry, SMBs are more likely to keep their systems maintained properly and hence have fewer outages.

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