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What you need to know about choosing a VoIP service in Roseville

Traditionally landlines are disappearing from both homes and businesses. They’re being replaced by a combination of cell phones and VoIP services. In fact, you can even use VoIP services from your cell phone. In the consumer world, the adoption of VoIP has largely been driven by cost. In the business world, cost is just one advantage among many. If you’re thinking about making the switch to a VoIP service, here is a quick guide to what you need to know about choosing a VoIP service in Roseville.

Look for a call-pricing system which suits your needs 

Having just said that there’s more to VoIP than reducing costs, it has to be said that this is likely to be a key driver for many businesses, especially SMBs. Choosing a call-pricing system for a VoIP service is a bit like choosing a call-pricing system for a cell phone. You need to look carefully at your actual and projected usage and look for a package that fits that. This can be a bit of a tedious exercise but it can make such a difference to your bottom line that it’s well worth it.

Think carefully about your choice of softphones versus VoIP handsets (or use both) 

A softphone is a piece of software (or an app) that sits on your computer (or mobile device). A VoIP handset looks like a regular desktop or cordless phone but has a whole lot more functionality.

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Here are the key differences between them. 

Softphones are generally much more affordable, in fact, they may even be free. VoIP handsets are priced similarly to entry/mid-level cell phones. In other words, they are fairly economical purchases, but if you’re buying a lot of them, the cost can add up.

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Softphones are only as good as the hardware on which they sit, whereas VoIP handsets are designed for use as stand-alone devices.

Softphones only work when the device on which they are installed is switched on. VoIP handsets will always work.

Softphones tend to have more basic functionality. Whether or not this is a disadvantage depends on your needs and your users. VoIP handsets often have more features, in some cases very much so, but this is only of value if you use them. Otherwise, they are, at best, a waste of money and at worst a source of confusion for users.

Softphones do not need desk space

It’s probably fair to say that for many SMBs, especially smaller ones, this may be the clincher for softphones. If you’re tight on space, then there’s a clear case for softphones. You could look at cordless VoIP handsets, but these do take up some space and also need to be charged, which can bring fresh issues.

Think about how you want to use your numbers 

Implementing a VoIP system can give you a great opportunity to think about how you want to use your company numbers. For example, you could assign each employee a number and then they could link this number to as many devices as they wished in a similar way that Google and Apple accounts can be used across different devices. Alternatively, you could have different numbers linked to the same device(s) or even share the same number between several employees. There are all kinds of possibilities for different situations and business goals.

Another useful capability of VoIP systems is the ability to create dynamic phone numbers. Basically, these are unique numbers that are displayed to individual customers when they visit your brand online. This allows you to display a single number per page but still link customers with their lead source. To make life even easier for the customer, you can implement “click-to-call”, which can really help your conversion rate.

Integrate your VoIP service with your CRM tool 

This might not be an immediate win, but can certainly be a major, longer-term goal. Customers love seamless, personalized service, especially when it’s delivered promptly and with a human touch. Integrating your VoIP service with your CRM can go a long way to making that happen. It facilitates intelligent call-routing and makes it possible for your software to look up a customer’s record before they are connected with the agent.

Get to grips with using call statistics 

The fact that VoIP systems often provide very detailed information on how your phones are used may not seem like much of a benefit, but actually having access to this information can really improve your business. In principle, you can get some, if not all, of this from traditional providers but in practice VoIP providers tend to do a much better job of making it available in a usable format.

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