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In the IT context, a help desk is a department within an organization that is in charge of answering the technical questions of its users. Several top IT companies have set up their own help desks in order to respond to their customers’ needs. All these questions and their answers are generally transmitted via telephone, e-mail, online chat, or website. Furthermore, some companies also have internal help desks that offer the same type of help for the employees working within that particular organization.

Key Features of a Help Desk

An effective help desk will have the following key features:

· Easy to use and collaborative
· Offers basic problem management
· Contains issue escalation procedures
· Records data of all reported incidents and actions taken
· Tracking capability for all incoming incidents
· Operates as Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for IT support
· Get the support from outside specialty groups for higher degree incidents
· Concentrates on issues and incidents of end -sers
· Potential to develop annual, half-yearly, and monthly reports on the number of issues, time taken to fix the issue, response time, and integration of such parameters into a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Types of Help Desk Systems

Today, help desk systems are basically categorized by their deployment, source code accessibility, and the business size of the target users.

Purpose of a Help Desk

Let’s take a look at some of the key help desk varieties:

· On-premise helpdesk
With this type of help desk system, the company owns and hosts the system and completely controls the help desk. An on-premise help desk is only responsible for its functioning and maintenance.
· Web help desk
This type of help desk system refers to cloud-hosted or software-as-a-service (SaaS) in which the company will be able to rent the solution on a subscription basis, thus saving on the cost and also making it easier to scale up.
· Open Source help desk
With this type of help desk, the developers do not need permissions or user licenses to access the source codes. This reduces dependencies, making it easier for users to alter and enhance the system when needed.
· Enterprise help desk
Besides having the typical help desk features, this type of help desk system also addresses customer queries at quicker resolution rates. Enterprise help desk system also includes powerful capabilities that can enhance the overall company efficiency.

Purpose of a Help Desk in a Company

The following reasons will explain why a help desk is an essential element for a company:

· Efficient monitoring and tracking
A help desk management solution will allow you to efficiently monitor and track the present status of any service request or complaint raised by your customer. With a help desk system, you can look into the complete problem resolution cycle, beginning with the time of its registration up to the final resolution in a cost-effective manner.
· Customer satisfaction
The key reason for setting up a help desk is to enhance customer satisfaction. Customers are always aware of where to go for information because all contact details are clearly visible on company websites and product brochures. There are a few companies that outsource their help desk services to offshore companies.
· Strengthen brand image and reputation
Top-quality customer support and assistance is guaranteed as this is considered to be the main requirement that will help earn customer satisfaction. Loyal and happy customers would always recommend your company to others, thus popularizing your brand name and company’s reputation.
· Quality enhancement provide strong tag
A help desk system will allow businesses to enhance the quality of support and assistance provided to the customers. With different features and tools, you can guarantee that your customers get complete and correct assistance for all their questions and problems.
· Ticket generation
An IT help desk ensures that all issues are properly handled once they are received by generating tickets for employees. If the help desk has too many tickets to deal with, a time frame will be allocated for each of the tickets.
· Better establish expectations with due dates
With a help desk, it is easy to set, track, and communicate changes to issue due dates. It is possible to manually or automatically assign due dates and help desk technicians are capable of sorting tickets based on the date allocated for the completion of each project.
· Prioritize vital tasks
Different tickets warrant different responses based on their severity. Replacing an old mouse for one individual is considered to be far less important than repairing a failed server that impacts the entire company. A help desk system will allow technicians to effortlessly prioritize tickets. That way, high severity tickets will get addressed in a faster manner.

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