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Wherever we go, surviving without Wi-Fi is a strict no. Cut down one’s Wi-Fi, and you cut them from communicating. It’s no less than being disconnected from the entire world. Maybe the universe as well? Who knows what signal you might catch up!

While we all have this need for free public Wi-Fi, there are some things that one should be aware of. You need to know which Wi-Fi connection is safe to connect to and which ones should be avoided. This is much-needed information. But not everyone provides you with it. So, keep on reading to know more about safe networks.

Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi Risks that Could Endanger Your Business safety

1. Rogue networks
Don’t get swooned by that ‘free Wi-Fi’ mentioned network. It’s nothing but a trick to lure people. Your data is at higher risk with these unverified public networks. Don’t put your team or office data at risk.

2. Third-party risks
Hackers can disguise themselves very well. It’s not about in person but over any connection or network. All they need is a public space with public Wi-Fi. And they are ready to interfere as a middle-man. Even the provider wouldn’t know who is manipulating the flow of your data.

3. Malware
Unsecured Wi-Fi connections can be used to spread malware like bugs or viruses. This can be easily done by using a Public Wi-Fi network. You don’t want to keep any malware software on your laptop. Be extra careful about that.

4. Information leak
Public Wi-Fi networks are very easy to hack. Eavesdropping on any data exchange becomes easier. Cybercriminals can be able to access any work going on or even the stored files. They can also get access to sites or channels that you might consider password protected.

5. Attack through ad-hocs
Ad-hocs are what connects two devices on the same network. With public Wi-Fi, access to one device means an open gate to all the other devices connected to the same. It is also possible to crack vulnerable files and passwords.

How to Avoid Public Wi-Fi Security Risks

1. Avoid official work
If you are ever using public Wi-Fi, avoid using any official or confidential work over that network. This will reduce the chances of any business data being manipulated.

2. Use a VPN
A VPN or Virtual Private Network encrypts the flow of your data. This will keep your information safe while using an unsafe public Wi-Fi connection. Since the hackers don’t bother with the decryption of personal data. They mostly go for something easier. And even if they don’t, an extra layer of security is always welcomed.

3. Turn off sharing
There is an option of turning your sharing off over any connection or network. Depending upon your operating system, you can find it under a different section of your settings manually.

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Is HTTPS Safe on Public Wi-Fi?

If you are using public Wi-Fi, go for HTTPS sites. They are more secure. It transmits messages or data in encrypted format signed by root certificates. Encryption is done with a public key for master secret, and each side generates pseudo-random numbers.
Basically, HTTPS has an extra level of encryption and decoding security. So, it is a much safer option.

How IT solutions can help you overcome public Wi-Fi risk

IT solutions are experts when it comes to any technology. They have various strategies to handle and distribute the data exchange. Companies like Salient IT solutions can be the ones to provide you with many security services, including others. Following are some of them:

● Data Management
They will look after who can access what kind of information. They will provide you with stronger passwords.
Also, they will look after where your data goes. For sharing format, they can also encrypt them and provide an extra level of security.

● Spam Protection
They will keep an eye for any spam that might be harmful to your devices. This will eliminate the possibility of any spam-encrypted malware. Spam protection is very important for any business.

● Security
IT solution companies do not just look after your network. They can also provide security for your devices. This way, your network, devices, connection, everything will be secured. This is a lot better than just any anti-virus.

● VoIP security
IT solutions will make sure that even over public Wi-Fi, your call records are safe and secure. With IT solutions, it’s easier to keep track of your data.

Cybercrimes over public Wi-Fi

It has been seen that cybercrimes happen more when one is connected to public Wi-Fi. This is one of the major risks involved when using public Wi-Fi. The hackers or cybercriminals can have access to the data of a large public. As they all are connected to a single network.

This is how large scale cybercrimes happen. Anyone from the crowd could easily do it. Hackers often execute their plans by being a part of such a crowd. This makes it easier to find the real culprit.

Along with business data, personal data is also vulnerable to public Wi-Fi. A hacker can trace all of your internet footprints and manipulate your personal data. They can also frame you for several things. Identity theft has reached the world of the internet as well. Connect to public Wi-Fi, and any hacker can get your IP address.

They might commit a crime in your name. And the proof will be tracked down to your device. This becomes very hard to deny. You can get into a lot of trouble.

Using VoIP over public Wi-Fi is a huge risk. Your calls can be recorded. Confidential information can be manipulated or made public on the spot. All of these crimes will be done live. And while you will be busy filtering through the crowd, to catch the culprit, it would be too late.

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