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What is Help Desk Support?

A help desk is a team of experts who are accountable to address technical queries and trouble shoot IT issues. The help desk team responds to queries through email, telephone or online chat. Companies set two teams of help desk with one aiming to address customer-oriented issue while the other is the internal help desk that aims to address the IT issues raised by the employees within the organization.
Help desk is a point of contact for users to get instant IT support. Help desk requests are handled through a help desk software that uses a unique identification code to keep track of the requests that comes from each user that helps to easily attend to common issues, prioritize cases and more
There are large help desks that uses various levels to take control of the different types of questions.
First level or level 1 support team is accountable to attend to general and basic questions or most often used as knowledge base.
Second level or level 2 support team is accountable to solve more complex issues that are transferred from level 1
Organizations have third level or level 3 help desk team who are capable to attend to specific software requirements, alter codes and fix bugs in the software codes.

Types of Helpdesk

Help desk systems are categorized in different methods depending on the requirement it can be based on the deployment, the business size or it depends on the type of customer support, target users and so on.

Help Desk support

Web Helpdesk
This type of helpdesk comes as a cloud hosted or software-as-a-service while the organization can benefit through a subscription-based model.

On-premise Helpdesk
This is when the company has an in-house helpdesk system and is responsible for all the IT support functioning and maintenance of the help desk system.

Enterprise Helpdesk This type of helpdesk includes the general helpdesk features and addresses customer queries instantly to enhance the complete company performance.

Open Source Helpdesk
This helps users to access the actual source codes of the software without the need of user permissions or license. This type mitigates the dependencies.

Benefits of Help Desk Management Solution

Help desk management solutions comes with a range of benefits:

Centralized platform to deal IT issues:

IT help desk provides a single place for all the IT support and solution needs. Users can just dial or chat to the IT help desk team to get their IT issues fixed.
Ticket generation:
IT help desk organize and prioritize cases and set an order to solve the issues. This is done by ticket generation. Ticket once generated by the employees is assigned to the concerned IT helpdesk team and a specific time frame is given to address the issue.

It provides an organized approach:
IT helps desk staff are trained to follow set of protocols to ensure a systematic approach to address technical issues.

Historical logs:
The IT help desk system helps to maintain a log of each and every issue they handle be it from simple to complex. The documented logs can be helped to use as a reference if the same issue comes up again.

Proactive solution:
The complete data used by the IT helpdesk daily to help run performance reports. This will give a clear picture on which computer or hardware experiences issues frequently. This would help companies to replace the systems with issues or proactively fix the issues.

Why Should You Use a Help Desk Software?

Email is not a good source to track work

If the requests are sent to the IT technician through a series of emails – prioritizing the issues would be a daunting task. IT helpdesk offers ticket generation and issues can be handled in an organized way based on the level of priority.

Self-service for customers/users

Help desk system offers a knowledge-base page or an FAQ page for the customers or the users to self-address common technical queries.

Monitor the performance of customer support
A help desk helps you maintain a log and therefore track metrics like the number of tickets, resolution time, agent performance and more.

Prioritize critical tickets
IT help desk is a one-stop solution that helps the IT expert to take advantage and organize ticket priorities and refrains the user from using ad-hoc software solution like sticky notes, calendar reminders and so on.