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Finding a cheap VoIP service in Elk Grove

For all of VoIP’s extensive capabilities, many SMBs are mainly (if not only) interested in its ability to save them money on calling costs. Although this is totally reasonable, you do have to make sure that service quality is maintained. With this in mind, here is a quick guide to finding a cheap VoIP service in Elk Grove.

Work out what calling services are currently in use by whom 

Your current telephone service is your basic template for your VoIP implementation. The more accurate the template, the more you can save on your VoIP implementation. This means that you not only need to confirm what calling services are actually in use but by whom and potentially why.

Decide what VoIP services you need 

If your main aim is to keep costs low, then you generally want to start by implementing a close copy of what you have now. This will keep the project scope to a minimum and hence limit the time and costs involved. You can, however, enhance your existing feature set with value-add services if they help to lower costs in some way. For example, conference-calling and video-calling might be worth implementing if they could help to reduce business travel.

Define your minimum service standards 

Do this as soon as you know what VoIP services you want to implement. Once you have done this, be prepared to stick to them no matter what. Make them the first point you check when looking at a potential VoIP service vendor and if they cannot meet them then just move on.

When looking at minimum service standards remember to think about security and compliance. Your VoIP service will almost certainly be transmitting personal data so you need to be sure that you comply with all relevant data protection laws.

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If you’re planning on implementing call-recording then you absolutely must use a VoIP service vendor who understands how to deliver the service lawfully. In fact, even if you’re not planning on implementing call-recording, you may still want to look for a VoIP service vendor who can support it so you are covered if you need to implement it in the future.

It’s also strongly recommended to look at customer service and support. The chances are that you’re going to need both at some point, especially in the early stages.

Cheap VoIP Service Elk Grove

Always remember that promises only have value if they’re incorporated into contracts and contracts only have value if they can be enforced. This is a strong argument in favor of working with local VoIP service vendors, who answer to the same courts and regulators as you.

Itemize the equipment you will need 

If you’re planning on using softphones, you will get them from your VoIP service vendor. They will usually be free, or very low-cost. You will, however, usually need headsets to go with them, so remember to budget for these. For other equipment, including VoIP handsets, you will need to choose between buying it upfront and getting it bundled with your contract. The former may be more economical but the latter allows you to spread the cost.

On a similar note, you’ll also need to think about what you’re going to do with the equipment for your old telephone system. It may have some resale value or be good for donations. Otherwise, you will need to recycle it.

Think about whether you also need Fax over IP 

If you need to keep a fax service, then a VoIP implementation is often the perfect time to switch to Fax over IP (efax). It allows you to get rid of all your traditional telephone lines, is more secure, has lower costs, and opens up office space for other purposes. Most VoIP service vendors can support it. If, however, you come across a VoIP service vendor who doesn’t then you could look at a specialist Fax over IP vendor.

Analyze your call volumes 

Your call volumes will determine how much bandwidth you need. This then raises the question of how to implement it. Unless you are running your own data center, your options are to organize managed hosting plus a VoIP service contract or to find a VoIP service vendor who offers hosting. As with choosing equipment, organizing the hosting yourself may get you the better deal, but having your VoIP service vendor take care of everything may be more convenient and sometimes convenience is worth the money.

Analyze your call usage 

Your call usage will tell you what you need from a calling plan. Ideally, you’ll have a subscription to cover your call usage and reasonable ad hoc pricing to cover everything else.

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