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There are massively more VoIP service vendors than there are traditional telcos (even including the cell networks). Competition is good for the customer, but it can also be confusing. With that in mind, here is a quick guide to choosing the best VoIP service in Yuba City.

Define your end vision for your initial implementation 

VoIP is known for its flexibility and scalability. This means that it’s not only feasible but often very sensible, to start with a fairly basic implementation of VoIP and build up from there as needs, wants and budget allow. For many companies, especially SMBs, the single, biggest attraction for VoIP is the opportunity to reduce calling costs and this can be achieved with a straightforward, like-for-like swap of the traditional telephone system with a VoIP equivalent.If you have fax machines, you’ll have to decide whether or not to switch to Fax over IP (efax) as part of your initial VoIP implementation or to wait for a later stage (or to keep a traditional phone connection purely for the fax machines). For many SMBs, it makes sense to switch from traditional faxes to efaxes with the first implementation or as soon as possible thereafter.

Fax over IP is a natural partner for a VoIP implementation and switching to efax not only saves calling cost but also reduces printing costs as you only print faxes when you actually need a hard copy of them. This is a plus for the environment since paper (even recycled paper) uses a lot of water and chemicals in the production process and there are more chemicals in ink. Printing on demand also prevents faxes from getting lost or read while they are waiting to be collected.

If you have cell phones, it may be worth checking to see if you can shift some of their traffic onto your VoIP network. There might not be much you can do here, but the cost of cell calls means it’s definitely worth checking.

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Work out what equipment you’re going to need to make this happen 

The first decision your need to make is whether you’re going to host your service yourself or whether you’re going to need to organize a hosting arrangement. If you’re going to organize a hosting arrangement do you want the control of managed hosting plus a separate contract with a VoIP service vendor to manage the communications traffic or do you want the convenience of having a VoIP service vendor manage both the hosting and the calls?

Best VoIP Service Yuba City

The second decision you need to make is what equipment you’re going to give to the users. In other words, are you going to use softphones or VoIP handsets? As a rule of thumb, if you want to clear physical desk space, then softphones are likely to be the best choice, whereas if your users tend to have a lot of apps open already then it might be a good idea to use VoIP handsets rather than fill up their screens even more.

Keep in mind that although softphones are installed on existing computers and/or mobile devices, users will generally need headsets to go along with them so there is a hardware requirement and an associated cost. Also be aware that the quality of softphone clients is rather variable, especially with regard to their performance on mobile devices, so it’s advisable to test them thoroughly before you make a final choice.

Think about where you’d like to go in the future 

It’s absolutely fine if you just want to start with a basic VoIP implementation and proceed from there on a step by step basis (if at all). If, however, you already know that you want to add on extra functionality, even if it’s just mainstream options such as conference-calling, video-calling, and call-recording, it can be helpful to define your goals now. That way, you can check whether or not a potential VoIP service partner would be able to support them.

Create a shortlist of VoIP service vendors

Your shortlist of VoIP service vendors should contain only VoIP service vendors who can meet both your technical requirements and your preferred service standards. That means guaranteeing a certain level of uptime and call quality, along with high standards of security and compliance. They should also be able to demonstrate a commitment to customer service and support, especially towards SMBs.Remember that contractual guarantees only have any real-world value if they are actually enforceable. This means that it is generally better to stick with local VoIP service vendors in Yuba City (or at least near Yuba City) as they will operate under the same legal framework as you.

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