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A quick guide to choosing the best VoIP service in Woodland

The nature of VoIP means it’s probably going to be a key element of your business. It’s literally going to be at least part of how you communicate with the people who matter to your company, including (and arguably especially) your customers. This means that a VoIP service needs to work reliably and your choice of VoIP service vendor will be crucial to making that happen. With that in mind, here is a quick guide to choosing the best VoIP service in Woodland.

Decide how you’d like your network infrastructure to be managed 

These days, it’s probably fair to say that there are relatively few SMBs running on-premises infrastructure, which they manage completely in-house. Most SMBs are likely to be looking at some variation of managed hosting. This means you need to decide whether you want to organize additional managed hosting plus a separate VoIP service contract or if you want your VoIP service vendor to organize the hosting as well.

If you’re already using managed hosting, then you may be quite happy just to increase your service package. This will give you more control and could make life easier if you decide to change VoIP service vendor further down the line. If you’re not already using (directly) managed hosting, for example, you’re in the public cloud, then just getting a VoIP service vendor to do everything for you is probably the most sensible option.

Decide whether you’re going to need video-calling 

Deciding whether or not you’re going to need video-calling is less about making sure you find a VoIP service vendor who supports it (effectively all of them do), it’s about making sure that you get the best overall service package for your needs.

Best VoIP Service Woodland

The key point to note about video-calling is that it just gobbles up bandwidth. Even a basic-quality webcam needs about three times the connection speed of regular audio. If you’re looking at full HD, then that goes up to about twelve times the connection speed. This means that if you intend to use video-calling at all, the costs of VoIP will go up. If you’re intending to implement it on a large scale, then they will go up substantially.

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Then you would have the costs of the video-call itself, which would vary depending on a range of factors, one of which being your calling plan and hence your VoIP service partner.

In short, therefore, it’s generally a good idea to think long and hard about whether or not you actually need video-calling at all. If you do, you need to think about how much you really need it (or really want it) and keep that in mind when looking at calling plans.

Decide whether or not you’re going to need Fax over IP

Technically Fax over IP is different from VoIP, but the two services are often seen and treated as “twins”. Their history is very similar in that they both suffered from justifiable concerns about reliability and security. These meant that, initially, they were only really suitable for the consumer market. Now, however, Fax over IP is not only reliable, but it is at least as secure as traditional faxes.

In fact, it is arguably more secure since it stops faxes being printed by default. This eliminates the need either to make sure a fax machine is attended or take the risk of faxes going missing or just being read from the tray.

Fax over IP not only saves you money on calling costs, but it also saves on printing costs (and saving paper and ink is good for the environment), plus you can reclaim the space currently occupied by your fax machines.

As with video-calling, it’s practically guaranteed that a VoIP service vendor will support Fax over IP and it often makes sense just to use their service. You might, however, want to consider looking at a specialist Fax over IP vendor either because you have particularly high-security requirements your preferred VoIP service vendor is unable to meet or just to see if you can get a better deal on costs (without sacrificing standards).

Decide what, if any, further VoIP services you need/want and when 

Although video-calling and Fax over IP stand out for special consideration, there are all kinds of VoIP services you could potentially implement depending on your needs, wants and budget. You don’t have to implement them all at once, in fact, it’s usually best to start small and build up. It is, however, preferable to have at least an idea of how far you’d like to go with VoIP and how quickly as this may influence your choice of VoIP service vendor.

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