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What is the Best Cloud-Based Storage?

Before now, storing documents, files, photos in USBs and computer drives was unsafe because when the USB gets lost, or the drive is damaged, the data is lost too. Thankfully, the introduction of cloud base storage has changed the narratives. This means of storage has proven to be the best over time, as it offers a plethora of benefits.
Currently, there are many cloud services out there, and one may wonder which is the best. If this sounds like you, we have discussed the best cloud storage platforms in this article—to help you choose the one that meets your needs.

What is Cloud-based Storage?

Cloud storage allows users not only to store their data on a server online but also to sync them as well. And that means that you can access the data or files or photos anywhere—and on multiple computers or mobile devices, as long as you have internet access.
If your external hard drive breaks down or your smartphone or laptop gets lost or stolen, you have absolutely nothing to worry about, especially as regards to your files. This is because they are already stored off-site, and you can access them through the cloud.
This wouldn’t be possible if you stored those files on a local drive. The most important reason for using cloud-based storage is security. All the files stored in the cloud are highly secured.
Cloud-based storage solutions support a wide variety of files, including:
• Pictures
• Text documents
• Audio files
• Video files, etc.
Some cloud-based storage solutions are user-friendly and allow integration with other applications for easy sharing, playback, and edits.

Who Uses Cloud Storage?

Cloud-based storage is used both by individuals to manage personal files, and by organizations as a file-sharing medium and backup. Some of the features that come with cloud storage services are virtually useless to individuals, but they are relevant to businesses or enterprises.
For instance, some cloud-based services offer admin and security privileges at premium prices. Corporate enterprises are the ones that need these features in order to protect relevant documents and business secrets.

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Best Cloud Storage Services to Choose From

So, here are the best cloud services you can consider:
Dropbox provides users with an innovative workspace to keep files together in one place. These files can be accessed from smartphones, computers, and tablets only by those who have the password. This means that the cloud storage service also permits syncing across all devices.
• Secure access to shared files or data
• Admin Controls simplifies team management tasks
• It can be used by solo workers, teams, freelancers, and businesses of all sizes
The only downside is that the free version starts with 2GB. Premium plans—that is, 2 for individuals, 2 for teams—are available. Plus goes for $8.25 per month while the Professional plan starts at $16.58 per month.
Premium plans for teams—Standard and Advanced are available, with the Standard plan at $12.50 per user per month, and the Advanced plan starts at $20 per user every month.

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive for personal and business has syncs services for Android, macOS, iOS, and Windows but without a Linux client. Though not considered a first-tier cloud storage service, it has grown to be loved and used by individuals and businesses.
• Users can move files using block-level file copying or differential sync
• Comes with taskbar notifications
• Allows users to throttle sync speeds
• Best used if you are an Amazon Prime member
• Comes with different premium plans, the highest is capped at $1,799.70 for 30TB of storage

Box Provide 

Users can get up to 10GB for free with a Box cloud storage account. Subscribing for the Personal Pro Plan is $10 per month, and you will get 100GB of space to play around with.
Box is best used as a work-flow application in which users get to share folders and files with co-workers, assigning tasks, leaving comments on a colleague’s work or for receiving notifications if a file is changed.
• Integrates with Office 365 and Google Docs for the Business Plan which offers unlimited storage at $15 per month per user
• Users subscribed to the Box Business Plan can store files up to 5GB at a time
• It works with single-sign (SSO) and Active Directory (AD)
• It shines at data encryption and file privacy

Google Drive
Its sizable free storage capacity makes it highly popular among internet marketers and online businesses. Users can store stories, documents, photos, and even videos, designs, drawings, and recordings or audio files, etc.
You must have a Google account to use this storage service.
• Users can store any type of file, including designs, photos, audios, drawings, etc.
• Perfect place for sharing folders, files, etc. without any email attachment
• Files or documents can be uploaded from any smartphone, computer or tablet.
• The only drawback is that the interface can be somewhat confusing to new users.
Google Drive applications are available for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices. It is free for the first 15GB; to have access to more storage, you need to subscribe to any of its numerous monthly premium plans.

Best Cloud Storage


This is an ownCloud fork, both of which are open-source programs that allow users to set up their own cloud storage. But users may have to make use of their existing hard drives.
• Perfect for those who do not trust their data to Google or Microsoft
• It can be used to set up your own cloud storage on your external server or an office server
• Perfect for use for Linux users
• Comes with a free and business edition
It is the best cloud-based storage for anyone who wants to have maximum control over their cloud storage

Users can store and access files from both Macs and PCs and comes with a mobile application for Android and iOS.
• Users can back up files or documents from unlimited Android, iPhone, and iPad devices along with Mac and PCs
• Cloud service provides 256-bit AES encryption to user’s files
• Folders and files can be synced across all devices in real-time
• Cloud-based service never deletes data automatically. Users will need to run Archive Cleanup or delete files or folders manually
• Every deleted file can be recovered and accessed within 30 days
The major downside is that the free version provides only 5GB of storage. Premium plans offer higher storage spaces. There is a Personal plan as well as a Business plan at different rates and for various purposes.


OneDrive is a Microsoft product that provides free storage to users up to 5GB. You can store photos, files, documents, etc. which can be accessed from any device. You can even store scanned documents directly on the cloud.
• Users can access files even when offline
• Cloud-based service provides SSL encryption
• Users can make use of any device to access files
• Sharing access to files is easy via sending of links through Facebook, email, text, iMessage, etc.
Downside: Users can only get up to 5GB free storage. For more space, you have to go for premium plans.
The application is also available on Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

Other Cloud-Based Storage Services

They include:
• One
• iCloud
• iDrive Cloud, etc.
Which Cloud Storage Service is the Best One for You?
It depends primarily on what you need it for per time. If you have a small business, you have access to cheap or free cloud services out there.
You can, however, opt for the premium services of some of the best cloud storage services outlined here if you need more storage space.
So, find cloud services that will meet your needs and start backing up your files, videos, documents, and folders on the cloud.

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